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    Yes… I have postponed too long and am finally attempting to write my personal statement. 😡

    It’s hard to believe I had a previous career as a writer, because I can’t seem to put words together in any cohesive way. I’m staring at the screen of my Mac and my mind is a total blank. All of a sudden, I have no idea how to verbalize how and why I am here and why I am choosing OB.

    To be perfectly honest, much of this procrastination (and probably why I am having so much trouble writing) is because in some ways I feel as though no program will want me… that my grades and boards scores aren’t good enough and that I have to somehow apologize for being here in the first place. Cheery, eh?

    It’s hard to talk myself out of this spiral of doom, let alone write a positive “yeah me!” kind of statement.

    Suggestions? Anyone else had problems writing this darned thing?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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