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    :tired: :tired: – I’m almost at the end of my first full week as a mom of a kindergartner and preschooler!! WOW am I TIRED!! Where is all this free time you’re supposed to get?!!! Being a mom is just a full-time job, period. If you work full or part-time in addition or go to school you’re simply adding to a full-time schedule. I know others have it worse than me, but boy, my day begins at 6.30 and by 9.30am I’ve made breakfasts, snacks, lunches, brushed teeth. etc etc…. and driven about 75 mins. A few hours later this repeats with dinner, bath and so on at the end….

    How is it going for anyone else??? Once I get the new routine down it should be better. I’m learning as I go!



    You don’t get free time until they are both in all day school. And even then, you are cramming in so many errands etc. that if you’re not careful you won’t have free time then either. I deliberately scheduled a 4 day workweek so I’d have a day to get stuff done. That has morphed into an hour of supervising a resident, lunch with a friend (good part, lunch with friends, bad part, not free time for me), going to the office to catch up with paperwork, then back to picking up the kids from school. Enjoy!


    I agree with you that keeping up with the school schedule is exhausting, and then add in the after-school activities and it can feel like craziness. I really miss the quiet, more magical time that could be had with the real little ones.


    Sethina, do you really do baths every day? My kids get a bath once a week, whether they need it or not …


    It’s all about routine…stick to the routine!!
    I have a 9 yr old (4th grader) and I am soooo glad I am done with my pre-reqs! There is so much more homework this year for her than previous years. Algebra…they’re actually learning ALGEBRA!! :tired:
    The thing that has changed from kindergarten to now is that I can add “taxi-driver” to my resume! Seems we’re always on the go! Things get easier in some aspects and more difficult in others…we mom’s are expert multitaskers and highly adaptable to the current environment!! 😀
    Ohh, and bath time becomes soooo much easier with a 9 yr old…and every night she gets a bath…she can soak in the tub by herself for 20 mins or so and I can do a few things without “distraction”! It’s a treasured iota of time…and bedtime routine gets easier…she loves to read for 30 mins or more before she goes to bed…more quiet time! I said, it’s a trade off…new difficulties arise with this age…sexual innuendos (sp?) on TV…dilemas with friends at school, wanting more independence…the list goes on!!!
    So, pat yourself on the back…you’re doing a great job…just try to keep up! :rotfl:

    EM momEM mom

    I’ve been doing a lot of wondering where the free time is…I swear I was busy before having kids, but obviously I had no idea what the TRUE meaning of busy was! I’m with psych on the bath thing, I’ve been doing every other night…the opposite nights I try to get organized. I’ve found that doing everything the night before is the only way I can make it out of the house on time in the morning! I say kudos to all of us for even attempting!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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