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    I would like a physician only forum and an ask the physician forum. I would like to be able to discuss indepth doc issues without feeling like I am discouraging others about going into medicine. You have to have some idealism to get started in all this … just like getting married… I don’t feel completely comfortable saying many specific issues on the open forum… Also feel like it is a little one sided. Premeds asking for advice… not docs supporting docs and residents…Residents probably need the most support of all. docnroll.


    I’m collecting all the answers and will be deciding soon. ANyone else have anything to add?



    It sounds in general that the currently practicing physicians…including myself tend to prefer a physician-only forum, :boggled: . I can only speak for myself, I do not think having access to a physician only forum would not limit me from visiting other forum sites. I would be more than happy to offer mentorship. :p


    I have read all the for and against reasons to have an all MD forum and just wanted to add my 2cents.

    One thing that makes me respond is the statement by docnroll . Nothing bad docnroll – just made me think.

    Why do we feel we have to portray a “good” side of medicine, or marriage, or motherhood & not the REAL side!

    I have always felt that I didn’t really KNOW the realities of what a REAL marriage entailed -day to day stuff. Or, I also feel that Moms (I don’t have kids) tell you all about the “good” parts of motherhood and not the REAL nitty-gritty stuff- which is what I would want to hear about before I venture into something so important.

    And it’s the same with medicine. I feel that we watch what we say to those interested in medicine so as not to scare? :confused: them. When I think they may really need to know the day-in-day-out stuff we go through and make up their own mind.

    I read a book called The Mask of Motherhood which talks about mothers being unwilling, or afraid, or confused about talking about the REAL issues they face as mothers. what it is really like. Society looks down on that.

    Should we as physicians also fear what we say because we may look like uncaring physicians dealing with stressfull cases and long hours? Shouldn’t we be able to tell it like it is to anyone considering going into the field of medicine so that they are prepared for the road ahead. The good as well as the bad.

    I think we should feel open to discuss all issues but then I too find myself hesitating so that I may not discourage a student. Is this really helpful? To them or to us?

    Just my 2cents.


    Thank you DrMoo….that’s exactly my sentiment. I don’t have a set list of questions I want to ask a physician, but rather it’s helpful for me to hear what day-to-day practice is like….. Having no idea what issues arise, I could never generate the correct questions. But having access to the conversations of physicians gives insight that isn’t readily gleaned from other sources.



    I think that having a “physician only” forum is a bad ideal. I feel that physicians in the”real world” have a lot to offer to others who are in training. By having a physician only forum that source of information will be lost. I feel that having a physician only forum is another way for physician to exclude themselve from the rest of the world. If it happen I,a physician, will have no parts of it!


    I agree that we shouldn’t have to portray only the good side of medicine but if we all wanted to we could our worst day, worst experience etc and really detract from many of the wonderful things of being a physician… When you are in practice it is often difficult to accept anything that you do wrong or that goes wrong because I think as physicians we are trained to not accept mistakes or any errors. Yet, we forget to feel good about the thousands of people we have helped over the same time period.

    Personally, there are many things I will not share with a non-physician because it doesn’t feel right to reveal certain things to them until they can understand what it is like to watch a patient die or be covered in blood after trying to save someone or being yelled at for wanting to help a patient in a way that is not acceptable to the attending. Just like motherhood there are many things you just have to experience and not logically try to figure out ahead of time…


    I don’t agree with this suggestion.

    In fact, when the results are published, if it is found that this is only a physician only forum, then that will be my last visit to mommd.

    I am so dissapointed that a web site this good could suggest such discrimination against it’s own kind.

    Does being a medical student or premed mean that you are less important than a physician or resident?

    Why then is the premed section not restricted to premeds only?

    This is outright discrimination.


    I’m going to close this topic as the decision has been made that this will remain an open forum. If you’re not on the MomMD mailing list that includes these announcements, click the join MomMD button on the left!

    Thanks to all who contributed!


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