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    Calling all physicians or residents in San Antonio, Texas who are taking time off (temporarily or permanent) to be with children. Also, any physicians or residents who are currently sidetracked, underemployed, or in an alternate career in order to be more flexible with childcare.

    I have contacted the Bexar County Medical Society’s Women In Medicine committee about forming some sort of support group for women in this situation. They like the idea and will discuss how to form such a group at the next meeting.

    If you are interested, please Private Message me or contact the BCMS Women In Medicine committee chairperson. You can find her contact information in your BCMS directory.

    I think this kind of support group will be very helpful. Women in this situation do not share the same goals as other typical stay-at-home moms. We also may not have any colleagues that we interact with on a daily basis at work anymore. I think it is important to maintain contact with other physicians to help with the transition back into medicine if and when we decide to return. I think it will also keep us from feeling so isolated.

    Here is my story:
    I went to med school on a military scholarship. I decided I wanted to do PM&R. PM&R requires you to do an internship in Internal Medicine or Surgery prior to entering their program. I chose int med.

    Half way through my 4th yr of med school, the military told me I had to do my internship with them, which was fine. But, they also said they did not need PM&R physicians. So….I had two options:

    1. Either do general practice for 4 yrs after internship to pay off my commitment to them and then go do a civilian PM&R residency

    2. Or change to a specialty the military was offering.

    I decided I really wanted to stick with PM&R. I completed my internship in internal medicine. Worked as a general practice physician for 4 yrs. Now I am out of the military and free to apply to civilian programs.

    I recently had a baby and would like to stay home with the baby for a year or two before going back to residency. Part of my reason for wanting to stay home is lack of quality day care for the hours I would need while a resident. My husband works very long hours also. After our daughter was born, it was too difficult to find adequate childcare for the hours we needed. It was very stressful for us when she was sick. I couldn’t walk out of the clinic with patients waiting to be seen. My husband risked his job by walking out of work every time our daughter needed one of us.

    The transition from military to civilian life seemed like a good time to take a break to stay home with our daughter. When she is old enough to start preschool, I plan to return to specialty training.

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