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    This is going to sound really stupid but what *is* physics? Is it hard? How are you all doing with it?

    I have never had a day of Physics in my life and I need a year of Physics so I’m trying to decide if I should take an Intro to Physics class first and then Physics 1?

    What has your experiences been?

    I’ve done well in Chem and all the other sciences but for some reason physics scares me….



    I havent personally had the course physics, Im taking it next year but some docs have told me it almost cost them getting into med school, that you basically have to learn how to think a certain way. Other docs have told me, it was the most useful because it happens/is useful in every day life. I have also heard it is just a matter of knowing where to plug in equations.

    Im my chemistry we were introduced to some of the topics covered in physics, like wavelengths, speed of light, photons, mass, velocity…but there’s more to physics than just those topics.

    M -AM-A

    I am also scared of taking physics. I took chemistry last year and it touched upon some physics topics. My chemistry teacher told me that since I did well in that class, physics wouldn’t be too difficult. I guess it’s a similar way of thought?



    Well, here’s my two cents.
    I wouldn’t let Physics scare you. I took it in high school, and it was my favorite class. I absolutely LOVED it! I’m looking forward to taking it in college(currently premed.) It is basically the study of the things around you(i.e. gravity, temperature, etc.) It deals with alot of equations…so there is alot of algebraic plug-and-play equations. It of course gets more complicated than my limited examples, but relax and enjoy your class.
    p.s. when you take the class, keep a running sheet of the equations…it will save your bacon…I still have mine from high school! :laughing:


    I’m in my final quarter of physics (I actually am taking a break from studying for my physics final right now! 🙂 ). Don’t let it scare you. I have found it to be easier than general chem… if you do the homework problems, you should be just fine. 😀


    Ditto, physics is a matter of understanding what the problem is asking for and knowing the appropriate equation. Lots of “plug and chug.” The best way to study is to do lots of practice problems!

    Nothing to be intimidated about! 😉


    I was frightened too about taking it-I’ll admitt.
    But I am not now. Although I have to work my butt off in math to get good grades, I am great at plugging in equations like in chemistry, and those areas in physics we touched upon (which was on this last test). It’s like I understand math better given a situation to apply math–applications I guess. Im not sure why, guess it is because I am more of a logical thinker as opposed to abstract. More than half my chemistry class dropped the course, it is taught in a nontraditional way (we are guinea pigs for the American Chemistry Society involving a study with being taught chemistry)—despite all my lack of confidence, so far I have over 100% in that class and it is FAR from easy especially withought being lectured foramlly—so I guess what my point is: Believe in yourself! I will try to keep thinking this way! Many people have problems with GEN CHEM, so I guess for you Marilyn, and ME, it’s a good sign!!!!! 😀


    Some schools will have two different types of physics you can take –calculus based physics where you learn how to derrive the equations and a lot of the theory, and then physics for non-majors/engineers where they just teach the applications. If you don’t like physics, I’d consider taking a course that was just in the applications.

    Physics covers an extremely wide range of things, since it is the basis for most of the laws that this world follows (even the basis for chemistry) It’s basically like a math course, except the math is relevant in that it is used as a way of describing how the world works. Topics covered are usually motion, energy, circuits, magnetism, and optics.

    I like physics too, but I’m an engineer, so it may just be my own weirdness showing. :blush:


    Yeah, I used to love Physics also and was looking forward to taking the class. I am taking it this semester and unfortunately I have the worst professor ever! 🙁 He makes Physics so complicated and almost never covers any material in class. He is always talking physics in class but he barely gets in depth that none of us can follow him. On top of that he doesn’t want to do any examples in class because he feels we don’t have enough time for it. So when we have exams, the grades are always so low that he ends up adding an extra 10 or 15 points! :banghead: Anyway, I’m so frustrated about this class I just can’t wait till it’s over. Overall, I say make sure you take Physics with someone whose interest is to teach the material and not to fail students. Professors make such a big difference!

    DO HopefulDO Hopeful

    I’m glad I’m not the only one worried about taking physics! I took it years ago during undergrad and did below average . . . needless to say, I still “don’t get physics.” :confused: But back then I had it ingrained in my mind that “physics is supposed to be hard” plus I had a professor who was a bad lecturer and wasn’t much help outside of class. I always enjoyed biology and anatomy and physiology, but always thought I wasn’t good and math and other sciences. But years later, I took a statistics class and actually got an A. I surprised myself because I always heard that it was a hard class. I had to study my butt off and memorize equations and know how to apply them, but it didn’t seem as hard as I thought it would be. I’m hoping it will be the same way when I have to take physics again. :goodvibes: I’m hoping that it is all my attitude about it, that I just need to think about it as something that can be applied to everyday life . . . like others have said on this topic. While I was ordering books for my daughters I ran across a book about easy science experiments . . . teaches the basic principles of biology, chemistry, and physics for kids ages 9 and up. I’m acutally planning to order it because I figure that I need to have the basics explained to me at that kid level. Plus my husband was an aeronautical engineer major who loved physics in college, so hopefully he’ll remember some of that stuff then I start taking physics.

    Try to change your attitude about the class. Everybody says its supposed have practical application, so try to put the things you learn in that perspective. Seek out people who can help/tutor you if you don’t understand. Let me know if all that works . . . I won’t be taking physics until next year 😀 Good luck!


    You guys are so great and encouraging!

    I am still a bit intimidated with taking Physics but I am not as scared anymore.

    I have found that I make better grades in classes that challenge me- do you all find that as well?

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your responses.


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