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    hi all,

    i was looking at the poll of med schools everyone is at and i wanted to ask who here moved to a different state for MS?

    reason i ask is because i hear that some states only accept their own residents (only give interviews only to own eg: Arizona). when i apply, i just want to get in. i live in CA but i will move ANYWHERE in the states as long as i get accepted. what states “require” (aka pretty much only give interviews to own residents) you to be a resident?


    Ohio State is where I am, and we take lots of out of state residents. I think we’re 60% residents and 40% out of state. We’re a big class (210) so there’s lots of spots for you guys. We have quite a few students from California (I hear the competition there is unbelievable). Better still, you can establish residency here in 1 year (you can get it the first year if you have a spouse that moves with you and gets a full time job before school starts. Anything counts, as long as it’s full-time). Aaaaaah, in-state-tuition ! :yes:

    Ohio has something like 7 medical schools which is quite a lot, since I think that’s close to the number for CA, NY and TX.

    I know UWashington does not take out of state (Although you are “in-state” if you are from WY, ID, AK, MT or WA)

    All of this information is in the guidebook published by the AAMC, you may want to go to the library or a bookstore and check it out.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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