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    Hey, I think I might have the world’s worst memory. Don’t get me wrong, I can study and regurgitate for an exam… but when I comes to the really important things, I just seem unable to hold onto anything.

    Is anyone else out there like this, and still doing ok in the medical field? This is probably one of my biggest fears going into this area, that I will forget important things, and end up killing someone or something… 😮

    Anybody have any hints/tips on how to improve long-term memory skills (other than having a palm pilot surgically embedded in my line of sight…)? :blush:


    During my chief residency, I was sent for neuro psych testing and discovered that I have a receptive reading disorder. If you have access to professional testing, I would suggest that as they can point you in the direction of reading and study strategies as well as courses that might be of a benefit.


    i don’t have any tips and i am not anywhere close to being a doctor, but i know exactly how you feel! especially about studying for exams and such. i totally feel that i have learned almost nothing in the past four years. what i do remember can usually be attributed to information that i can apply to daily life. i think that once one goes into the medical field, what you will need to know is stuff that is practical knowledge, stuff that you will constantly revisit and use. perhaps having conversations about past material can help solidify it and make it concrete. this sometimes helps me, but i am somewhat of a strange learner..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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