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    Hi everyone —

    I am 28 years old and currently work in the investment industry. I graduated from undergrad in 97 with a degree in International Business and a very limited science background. While I realize that I must take the science prereqs before I can even begin to consider applying to med school, I’m wondering if it really matters if I enroll in a post bac program or just take the prereqs on my own. Is the latter option frowned upon by admissions committees? My cumulative GPA from undergrad was 3.38 and my science GPA was 4.0 which is not as impressive as it sounds, since I only took one science class Anyway, sorry this is so long but I would really appreciate any opinions you guys could give!


    Hey, I’m in a similiar situation–also 28 y/o and graduated in’97 only my degree was in journalism. You are not alone. 🙂 You should do whatever you are more comfortable with. If you need the structure or want the resources of a formal post-bacc, then choose that option. If you know exactly what you need to take and can work independently, then doing it on your own would also work. Good luck with whatever option you choose.

    As for me, I’m up in the air right now. Although I currently work FT, my plan is quit my job in publishing next year and go to school FT. I have applied to 5 programs so far: 3 are official post-bac programs and 2 are as a 2nd-degree bachelor’s student. My offical programs are Johns Hopkins, Goucher College, and Barry University. The unofficial ones are University of North Carolina -Greensboro and Old Dominion University. I just now submitted my applications so I probably won’t here anything for another 4-6 weeks at least. Some may be as late as Dec. or next year. Wish me luck. :crossfingers:


    P.S. I’m going to apply to Georgetown next summer (if I don’t get into one of the above programs). Their program is a little odd. You can take the 4 core classes as a non-degree student and THEN apply for their official post-bacc program…but all you need for med school are those 4 classes! :confused: (They are bio, chem, o-chem, and physics, but I’m sure you knew that.)


    I’ve also been looking at postbacc programs recently, and from what I see I have two options: either wait until the summer session begins at places like penn, columbia, nyu etc and do some volunteer work and one or two science courses in the meantime or start classes immediately in the spring at CUNY. How important is the name to the school where you take your postbacc? Should I save some money and go to CUNY or should I pay more at places like Columbia or Hopkins? Anybody have any viewpoints on how med schools look at a CUNY program?

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