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    i’m new to this forum… i’m an MPH student about to graduate and like everybody else here i’m contemplating med school. i’m interested in finding out about post-bacc pre-med programs that let you go straight into the med school if you do well enough in it. does anybody know of any programs like this? i know wake forest has a post-bacc program like this, but i’m interested in being in the northeast or west coast area. i’m 25, and i know that that’s not that old, but if i decide to do this, i think it’d give me that extra push if i didn’t have to stop and apply for med school after the pre-med requirements… if that makes any sense.

    thanks and good luck to everybody thinking about a medical career!


    St. George’s University in the Caribbean has one, but that’s certainly not the northeast – good luck!


    Columbia University has a post bac pre med program with a linkage program to about 8 schools


    Hi there, Tufts has a post-bacc pre-med program that is linked to Tufts Med school and also University of New England Osteopathic Medical School. I also believe that BU has a program, and Brandeis. Here is a link to a search you can make based on the State you want to be in.

    Many of these programs have linkage arrangements and you will be able to apply directly avoiding the “glide” year. (If you make the grade!) Disadvantages are generally COST.


    Scorpiomed, I was looking into Wake Forest’s post-bacc program yesterday. I wasn’t able to find a lot on their website about it. Have you gotten any detailed information from them?

    Does anyone know when you take the MCAT if you’re enrolled in one of these linkage programs?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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