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    I am in a post bacc pre med program at a very competitive ivy league school. I find the classes and the competetition grueling and am afraid that my GPA will suffer. Also, the tuition is outrageously expensive. I have just started the program and am wondering if anyone has any advice as to whether it would make sense if I transfer to another less competitive and less expensive school to complete my post bacc requirements. I don’t know how much the name of the school will do for me during the admissions process if I don’t do well in the classes. Thanks!


    I actually put a lot of thought into doing a Post-Bacc pre-med program at an ivy-league school (Columbia, specifically, where last summer I did a med-school prep program- MMEP- administered through AAMC), but have since realized for my purposes, since all I have left is Orgo I am just going to do it at my local CC to save time and money…

    BUT, if you are already in and there, I say go for it! If the classes are as grueling as they seem, then I can’t see how they can be anything but AWESOME prep for real med-school classes. What’s more, the med-schools you apply to will be familiar with your Post-Bac program and will both understand and appreciate its demands, and doing well in it will demonstrate real ability and motivation to far equally as well in med-school.

    Don’t let the competition get you down, try your best to let it raise your own level of performance, without lessening your sense of self-worth. Name value is important, but it’s not life or death. But keep in mind that although it might be difficult to not finish in the top of your class, it will also look a little sketch if you withdraw from a program because it is strenuous… don’t you think?

    All my best to you.

    Brenda MayBrenda May

    If you do well with an ivy-league name behind you then it will have some kind of impact but if you don’t do well in your courses, then it will hurt you. I found that going to a state school and getting really good grades has helped me more than going to a really prestigous school and getting so-so grades. The thing about it is that everything I have learned is that post-bacc grades are looked at as just that. Meaning, you decided to go to medical school and the admissions committees expect you to pour yourself into your new decision by getting stellar grades. If you are having trouble with the cost and feel that the course work may suffer. Then find a school you are comfortable at and that you know you will do well at, even if it is a community college.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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