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    My name is Angelique and I am currently a senior in college. I need someone who can give me advice on getting into and applying to medical schools.

    I have been working towards a double major in Music (have played piano for 10 yrs) and Psyc, however, last year… when I talked with my Biology dept chair… I realized I needed to focus on taking my science courses. I orginally had planned on graduating with my double majors and then afterwards…simply taking the science pre-reqs at a community college…however my bio chair candidly asked me if I ever wanted to get into med school. Thus, I have decided to drop my Psyc major and make it a minor.

    What do you think? I was enjoying my Psyc classes…however, as they become more specialized, I noticed that there were not that interesting to me anymore. I mainly wanted to major in Psyc b/c I felt like I was learning more about people… I thought this was an excellant way to prepare myself for becoming a doctor. Am I wrong?

    Currently I am doing a lot outside of my academics. I am volunteering as a Care Extender in a pre-med program in Los Angeles. I am the President for my Residence Hall Association at my college. I have also initiated/created a music therapy program at our school in a retirement center. Last semester I was a tutor and a member of a drama club. This year I am continuing with my service sorority and many other activities. I love keeping busy and managing my time.
    As far as my gpa… at my current college I am doing very well with a 3.9
    (Although my first year of college in SD does haunt me…when I received a 2.5 first semester and then a 3.6 next semester—theres a lot to explain why that happened…but I do not know if med schools will be interested in an explanation—don’t they just look at numbers?)

    So with my revised plan… I have decided to drop my Psyc major and add it as a minor. Thus, Ill be a Music major w/Pysc minor…and I also have to take an extra year to finish up the Music courses. I thought I should utilize that extra year and do something special…so I am planning on studying abroad in Australia (they have science courses there) 😀

    I feel like I have leadership, pretty good grades, and good hospital experience to get into medical school. Yet, when I am in these pre-med classes like intro bio or (the intro gen chem I fear!)… I feel so dumb b/c there are freshman who seem smarter and way more competitive than I am. I like helping ppl and forming studying groups…however, some of the girls are so competitive that they don’t want to help each other and are constantly comparing grades. Is that what medical school is like? I hope not.

    This volunteering experience as a Care Extender has made me 100% certain that I want to become a doctor..however the entire pre-med process is very intimidating to me…and at times I find myself second-guessing my abilities. Sometimes I worry that I can not become a mother if I become a doctor. I worry that I wont have time to spend with my children at the most important times of their lives. Yet…when I found this website and read what some miraculous and strong women have done and are doing… it makes me think that I can “do it all”–being a mommy and a doctor 🙂

    Anyway… sorry for my long introduction… I have so many questions and concerns… Hopefully someone can mentor me.
    –Just today I gave a speech to freshman at my college to act as a mentor to them… and now just a few hours later I am attempting to find one for myself… how ironic 😉



    I just read a very useful book entitled How to GetInto Medical School. I checked it out at my public library. It is written especially for individuals such as yourself (nonscience majors). In fact there his a personalletter in there from a music major undergrad and grad school. The book also has alist of all US med schools. As well as several web adresses. It is worth the time and a quick read.



    Sorry the mane of the book was Getting Into Medical School. My 8 yr old son just told me. HA HA I checked it out with his library card. I returned it today. I have to look up the author’s name and get back to you

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