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    Hi, I was just wondering if any of you had any advice on the following. I am just about to register for next semester to finish my pre-reqs. I could take my pre-reqs at the local community college. It would be much easier for me as it is closer, or I could drive an hour away to the state university to take them. Has anyone taken pre-reqs at community college? Would this put me at any disadvantage? Do med schools prefer you to take pre-reqs at a University? I would really appreciate some help on this one as I can’t get the admissions office at USF to answer my e mails. I guess they are up to their eyes in applications. Thanks so much



    Hi there

    I am taking my pre-reqs at a JC right now. I have 2 friends who have completed med school and attended first 2 years at JC.

    I feel like it works for me the best. I know some people says it does not look great, but I would check out the Med schools you want to attend and ask them.

    Hope this helps, and sorry for the babble, I am typing and doing my daughters hair for school.

    Good Luck

    DrWuStar *DrWuStar*

    when i was in undergrad, i didn’t do all the med school prereqs. cause i was pretty sure i didn’t want to go to med school. :rolleyes:

    so now, i am taking the ones i didn’t do before at JC. there is a great university in my town, and several other colleges in my area, but they all only offered science courses during the day. i work a 9-5, so i needed night or weekend classes. so JC was really the only option for me.

    and it seems to be ok, cause i just got an interview at a great med school!!! :rotfl:

    good luck,


    Hi Kelly,

    I am currently taking my first and second year pre-requs at a local college. At first, I was convinced that I had made the wrong decision and that I should have gone to University right off the bat. I was wrong. This is how I knew:
    – I saved $2200.00 in tuition fees this year ALONE.
    – I got almost all used textbooks.
    – There are 25 students in my first year Biology class, but the course is not at all lacking.
    – I am on a first name basis with most of my profs.
    – My profs know when I don’t come to class.
    – All my classes are two minutes walking distance from each other.

    If it works for you, go to college. This transition is so much easier because I took this route.



    I’m am MSI and took all of my prereqs at CC. I loved the experience and would do it again.

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