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    Hi! I am new to this site but looks like a very helpful one. I am 29, a network administrator, mother of one, have done my masters in English from an indian univ. Always wanted to be a doc of medicine so have finally decided to meet the pre-requisites (usually 90 semester hrs in an American college). Can I meet those pre-reqs in a local community college? Counsellers in the local cooleges are not sure which courses would benefit me so that brought me here. Please help!!


    Because your undergraduate degree is from an international school, medical schools will want to see courses taken at a college here. You may want to check around but I think that somehow there is a way to transfer some of your courses from your school in India to credit hours that will be useful here. Either way, like you stated you do need to get some recent coursework under your belt. I would highly suggest that you contact some schools that you are interested in applying, and ask them if the coursework can be from a community college. My guess is that their answer will be that some of the classes can be from a community college but that they would prefer to see coursework from a four year institution. I think that part of this way of thinking is due to the notion that community colleges may not be as rigorous as four year colleges (of course we all know that some community colleges are probably more rigorous than some four year schools…) So check directly with medical schools for this answer and then go from there. Yes, some medical schools do accept students with less than four years of coursework but this is becoming more rare as most applicants have four year degrees and more. Good luck.



    Usually Med schools want one year of chemistry with lab, one year of organic chemistry with lab, one year of physics, and one year of biology (with lab of course). Some places also want a year of english, and some schools require biochemistry. So that’s anywhere from 32 semester hours to 44, not 90.

    If you have an undergraduate degree already, there should be no reason why you would need to get another one here. Lots of colleges have specific post-bacch premed programs, I know a lot of women on this site are doing that.

    As far as taking the pre-reqs from a community college, your best bet is to call up the schools you would want to apply to and ask them how they feel about taking at a community college vs another institution.

    Best of luck, and welcome to the site!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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