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    I am new to MomMd and I have a burning question: I am done with all my requs. and am preparing to apply next June, but at 41 I also would like to have a little one as well. I wish I could wait to have a baby but I think it’s now or never. I just spoke to my GP tonight about going ahead and I think: great, applications $$$ baby (if I am lucky!) $$$ and it seems like actually getting in and studying would be the easy part! I was wondering if other moms have some suggestions?

    I know it’s not ideal but what can I do; I want to have a baby and this is just where I find myself and I have to just work with what I have. Any thoughts?

    I am glad I have finally registered here! Student Dr is great, but I realize I am not 20 years old and life is very different now.

    Cheers all! 🙂


    I vote go for it! If you get pregnant, great, you can either go ahead (first year is basically sitting most of the time, and I don’t know if there’s any official word on formaldehyde vapor exposure in anatomy lab, but I’m sure you could defer if you needed to). If you don’t get pregnant right away, you haven’t lost any time with med school. I’ll be curious to see what you decide!


    There was someone pregnant in my first yr of med school and she wore some sort of face mask to filter the chemicals in anatomy lab. We also had someone with asthma who wore the same thing.


    I’d say go for it too and not because I may be in the same situation soon!

    As a graduate student, I took Anatomy and Physioloy while pregnant and wore a special mask to filter out all the fumes. It worked out just fine!

    The way I see it, you will always have the opportunity to be a first year med student but as you’ve pointed out, there is a finite amount of time with having a baby. Good luck!!



    Thanks for you great support and comments! I am glad you all have experiences and know other people who are/have done this. I have made an appointment with a good Dr and will have everything checked out first. Part of me was thinking: why spend all this money, etc. but the truth is, as a future physician myself (I hope), I do agree it is better to prepare and know where everything stands, etc. I want to do this right, and it should be neat to learn from this Ob/Gyn team!

    I ran into an old friend 2 nights ago who just had twin boys at 42 (almost 43) so ladies! we are changing the face of medicine! 😉

    I was also thinking that I want to be a good GP, and part of that is knowing what it’s like having a family, etc. I hope this works out and I feel excited 🙂


    Good luck!!!! 😀

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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