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    I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant and have been studying diligently for step 2, but still not passing my practice exams (ok, I did meet cut off one time). Right now I’m also in an elective so there is less time to study. My advisor is urging me to take the exam this week (first week of Oct) as we had preplanned. I’m getting cold feet because it’s been exhausting studying during an elective, and I’m only borderline passing. I will actually have a month off after this elective to study and take the exam if necessary. if I wait, I’ll be taking the exam late Oct instead of say, early Oct. I’m worried about having to re-take the test either way. If I take the exam later, I will be even more pregnant if I have to retake it before rank list time. All in all, it may not matter, because I’m not a super competitive candidate anyway (step 1 was low 200s). Not exactly sure what to do … any advice for new mom? Will the extra few weeks make that much of a difference?

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