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    I’ll be just reaching the end of my first trimester when anat lab starts. I’ve searched up some information about being around all those chemicals while pregnant. There really hasn’t been any research done on pregnant women. (No surprise) The response at my school is “no problem,” you’ll be fine. But my instincts tell me that formaline and all the other crap isn’t good. I can’t help but wonder if we’ll be saying 20 years from now….”we just didn’t know better.” Can you share 1) the formal policy at your school for being in anat lab when preg 2) any expereince/advice that might make this more tolerable 3) what OSHA reguslations are or how I can find them out. Thanks!


    This topic has been on here before…try searching for pregnancy and anatomy, you should find it. 🙂


    I know how you feel- I am very cautious when UI am pregnant- I didn’t even have a soda while I was pregnant the first time. I have no knowledge on any of the rules/policies. Maybe my own experience will help. This is of course antectodatal- but I found out I was pregnant during my 2nd semester of lab-my entire first trimester I was exposed. I was very nauseated, which caused me to skip a few time (barely passed, in fact) but my 5-year-old is healthy and brilliant. (a little on the skinny side-but I can’t blame the anatomy department for that)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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