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    I’m considering having my second child during my third year of residency, but wonder if being pregnant during the job interview season will be viewed by potential employers as a detriment. Can anyone share their experiences, either positive or negative?

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    I think it’s totally ok. They (your interviewers) know you are likely to have children, it’s a fact of life. Might as well deal with it up front and out in the open. You don’t want to be working with people that aren’t open to family stuff anyway. You want to be working with people who understand that your kids/family will have to come first.


    You are from my neck of the woods. I was seven months pregnant when I interviewed for my current job. I thought for sure that it would be a detractant from getting the job. On the contrary, I think it showed my group that I was family oriented (as are they) and it worked in my favor. The only downside was that I had to take frequent potty breaks during the interview day and this was a little embarressing given that all of my partners (at the time potential employers) were men. But they were very nice about it. Find the most professional maternity outfit that you can and go for it. If they do hold it against you, then you probably don’t want to work there anyway as it gives you some indication as to how accomodating they will be once you are a mommy of 2. If you want any more pointers, please let me know. Good luck! 🙂


    I interviewed for Internal Medicine residency when I was 8 months pregnant. I bought a great interview suit at “Pea in the Pod”. I had great interviews (even with my son, Sam kicking me in the spleen the entire time) found people in general to be very positive and understanding. I would not rank a program if it wasn’t.


    I’d like to tag along a similar question. Did anyone out there inteview for med schools while visibly pregnant? Is this still looked upon as a big liability? My mother had both of my sisters when she was in med school in the early ’60s, but it was a Women’s Medical College, so there may have been more built-in support, even back then…I suppose that if a question were to come up for me in an interview, though, I could talk about my mother’s example….


    I was 8 months pregnant when interviewing for residency. I had to call all the places I applied to and ask them for the earliest interview dates because I wouldn’t be able to travel after the middle of November. Some programs even made special arrangements to interview me early (before they officially started interviewing!) Then I spent 3 weeks marathon interviewing in a different city each day. I think the key was in my planning. This was my second child and my first was born during med school as well. Even if the interviewer did not bring up the pregnancy, I did and offered my plans for how to deal with motherhood in residency–babysitting, calls, etc. I was very detailed. A few programs asked me if I was planning to have more children during residency and I was just honest with them. I did in fact have my third child seven months ago (during my second year of residency) and it worked out fine. I really think that you will be fine if you come prepared with a realistic plan. Good luck!


    Maybe this can work to your advantage:

    It seems to me that any workplace that has a problem with your being pregnant is not a place you really want to work at!


    I don’t think that it will be a problem. My current employer told me that when you hire young women, an employer must be sensitive to the fact that child bearing will be an issue and you have to accept it. He then proceeded to tell me a story about one of the lab tech. This lady called him about one month prior to starting her job ( she was still in school at the time)to tell him that she was pregnant. The way he tells the story is funny and touching at the same time. It also tells me that my employer is sensitive to women needs. If I found one I know others exist.

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