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    My prof for INORGANIC chem (both semesters) at University of Michigan-Flint is a former med school prof and sat on the admissions board at a med school in New York. He also did a Post-doc at Stanford and had Nobel laureates write his letters of recommendation. He tells us he expects more out of us than he did out of medical students because they are only trained, they don’t learn. His argument is that we don’t THINK, he wants us to problem solve. The class average on tests is about 60%. I’m a straight A student and this is giving me one hell of a run for my money! On one of the take home tests we had to figure out whether this robot would function on a new planet that only let so many wavelengths of light pass through and tell what color the plants would be. This is one that I actually knew the answer to.


    Ouch! I had a professor in cell bio who would have on his “design an experiment…..”, it would be some really nitty gritty accumulative stuff…cant think of a specific example right now, but it was MORE than challenging!


    I go to a large college, that generally has many many pre-med students. On the first day of chem 101 freshman year, the chemistry professor asks “how many of you are pre-med?”. At least 75-80% of the class raised their hands. Then he said “Look to your left, look to your right, only one of you will make it to your senior year. Less still will get into med school.” Now I know that those are accurate statistics, but what a horrible thing to say to a bunch of scared freshmen. Makes me want to go back and find him and stick my tongue out at him and tell him that I got into med school with or without his pessimism. :p

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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