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    Dear All Lady Doctors/ Students,

    Please help me I am going through depression and anxiety and finding it extremely difficult to make decision.

    I am graduate in Pharmacy (pre-primary +10 +2 + 4 years education) from INDIA. I have been working since 2-3 years but I am not satisfied with my job. I really wish to pursue my dream of being doctor. With respect to studies and scores , I am above average student with 7.5-8.0 GPA out of 10. So I know, if I study hard I will be able to reach my goals.

    But I have been feared by my parents, relatives & boyfriend about my age & child bearing age deadlines. I am really worried.

    pl help me – if I start my medicine/ dental school at age of 26 – I wont be finishing it before 31 years of age. studying till age of 31 – being dependent financially – not being birth to baby are few of the worries which are holding me back ; which are quite practical too as I love kids . My very inspiration behind being a doctor is to be a Pediatrician. what do you suggest ? Can I plan for baby during my medical school ? please reply me as I have some important decisions to make. Can a woman go to medical school & attend lectures & give exams during her 3 rd trimester ? how much break she requires after delivery. Because in India, you don’t get break / vacations of more than one month when you are in med school. I am really worried.

    There is a course of Master in pharmacy – in pharmacology whose registration ends this Wednesday. So I will have to make choice. Choosing master in pharmacy will restrict me only wrt research & handling GCP, medical regulatory affairs. But Being doctor will help me in using my knowledge to treat patients & for public welfare & i will be happiest if I chose to be DOCTOR.

    Only few of these worries is creating me lots of dilemma & anxiety.

    Looking to hear from all of you,

    E SE S


    I’m not sure if you will see this message, but it is worth a shot. I am 24 years old and in a similar position as you. I want to be a pediatrician, but I worry about my future. I want to adopt children more than anything, even being a doctor. I fear that being a doctor will consume my life and my livelihood.

    Would you mind updating me on how you are doing now? What did you choose? How is it going?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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