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    Any thoughts out there on how important is the name to your med school? I’m currently considering applying to one of the postbacc programs that have linkage programs to some of the med schools…but there aren’t that many med schools that have these linkage programs so unsure if i should limit my choices of med schools..any opinions?


    Undecided – I am not in a position to say how important the ‘name’ is in terms of med school (i’ve yet to be accepted to one!), but I do have a few thoughts about post-bacc programs. I think it’s really important to find a program that seems like a good fit in the areas that are important to you. I enrolled in a post-bacc program three years ago and several months into the program I came to the conclusion that it really wasn’t a good fit for me. I was an older student (over 35)who had been out of school for a very long time, and had a 10 year career in another field. Despite the program promoting itself as being for ‘career changers’, it turned out that most of my classmates were under 27 and hadn’t yet had a career. So I found it alienating to be so far out of the norm, not to mention that my academic background was very weak compared to my classmates. As it turned out, many of my classmates had taken the basic sciences before, and were back for another stab at it! So as someone who was completely new to the sciences, it was extremely difficult to keep up and also not to feel like I wasn’t capable. Anyway, all that to say do your best to explore the ‘ins and outs’ of the program, as well as find out who the students really are (in the event that you’d have the same concerns/needs that I did, which one can’t assume!).

    Good luck with your decision.


    It depends on what your future goals are. If you are going to become a physician working in a clinic with other physicians in a community setting the name of the school really does not matter. If on the other hand your plans include becoming an academic physician then name does matter. So try to imagine what you see yourself doing ten years down the line and go from there. Regardless I do agree with the above poster, you have to pick the place that best fits your personality and style. Also, you can do your post-bacc work on your own if money is a concern. Many folks go this route and gain acceptance to medical school. Good luck.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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