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    Hi Everyone,

    Just a quick thought… is there any such thing as working as an RN part time and having the hospital or institution you work for pay your way through med school? Does this exist? Because graduating 200k less in debt sounds like a pretty good tradeoff for a 25hr work week, if possible. 😀 Just brainstorming… that’s all. I’m trying to figure out if I want to go for a BSN and then apply to med schools, and I’m just trying to figure out the pros and cons. I appreciate any comments on this.


    The hospital I work at has 50% reimbursement for PT and for FT 100%, but it must be in a field that is needed by the hospital. There seems to be MUCH more scholarships and help in the nursing field. There is only one scholarship for med school and is for 10,000. You must already be accepted to med school, and submitt MCAT scores.
    At Indiana University, a med student may sign a contract with clarion health to work for them 3 years after training. I guess you get to pick from a listing of where to go.


    Hi PremedRn :wave: I was hoping that you would respond to this post 😀 Well, I’ve decided to do a BSN as well as take all the required courses for med school even though it’ll take longer to complete. I calculated it already – one year longer.

    My reasoning behind this? I definitely want to go to medical school, but I think that the BSN may be better for me as a stepping stone. I was told anyway that nurses make better doctors, and I think the experience is priceless. Besides, I’m still working full time and going to school full time, and have absolutely no hours left in the day to devote to volunteering or any sort of clinical experience that med schools are looking for. :banghead: Also, there seems to be so many opportunities and options in nursing that I may even further my education in that if God forbid-I don’t make it into med school (I mean, there’s always that chance that I just won’t make it). Besides, I’m told that the incomes of some nurses compared to some doctors after the factors of malpractice insurance, student loans and hours worked are pretty much neck and neck. So it doesn’t seem that I’ll be broke if I decide to stick it out with nursing. Again, the goal is absolutely med school, but I guess I feel like I have a safety net there if I go through nursing, and will have a step over everyone else once I get into medical school. There’s also the idea that the hospital or institution I work with may help with some of my student loans. And although farfetched, if push comes to shove, can’t I still work p/t while in med school? I mean, I’m talking about working nights on the weekend maybe, when I may get some studying in also. I guess I’m trying to look at all the pros and cons.

    I appreciate any thoughts or advice (positive or negative) that you may have on this…

    Thanks a ton!!!!


    email me at, I let you know some things. I dont want to post some of the private information.

    M -AM-A

    Hi Amy, I am in the same boat you are in. I feel as though I should take nursing first, and if isn’t satisfying pursue an MD afterwards. I am also considering this because of money, loans, time etc. I am personally finding it difficult to get finances to go to medical school but easier to get funding for nursing programs. Have you had this experience too?



    Hi M-A :twocents:

    Just thought I would mention… I did meet with an advisor at my university yesterday about the nursing program who mentioned that you shouldn’t say anything about wanting to go to med school when you apply to a nursing program. Apparently, the powers that be in nursing don’t like that. Hmmmm….


    Hi to all thinking of BSN,
    I am not sure if other RNs would agree, however, I am 4+ years out of nursing school. I work fulll-time as a Public Health Nurse, for or state health department. I have been in the process of getting my prereqs for medical school (all of them since none were covered in undergrad). In my nursing school there was a lot of “nursing is it’s own profession” “why nursing is more than just scut work for medicine” “nursing is it’s own discipline” So it doesn’t surprise me that they recommend not mentioning your plans. However, my opinion is don’t waste your year doing the nursing thing. If you try your hardest and don’t get into med school, there are always BSN-RN programs where people with a BSN in another field can get a RN degree sometimes in a year. Anyway, just my :twocents:

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