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    I have a few questions that I would like to have cleared up ,if you don’t mind 🙂

    I have my bachelor’s degree already, but I have been back in school trying to finish getting all the prerequisites for med school. Right now it looks like I am on pace to finish with the by the end of the Spring semester 2005. (We are on Plan Q or R now having moved on from Plan B a long time ago…life keeps happening!)

    If I take the MCAT in April 2005 and I have finished all of my course work by May 2005…when am I looking at actually attending medical school? I know the application process takes roughly a year so am I looking at going in in the fall of 2006? Is it possible to go Fall 2005?

    What all do you know about this? Are there schools that start at other times besides the traditional fall/spring school year?

    Also, the lists I keep seeing say that the prereq’s are:

    Chem I&II
    Bio I&II
    Org. Chem I&II
    Physics I & II
    Math thru Calculus
    and two more classes of upper level Bio like Micro and A&P or something.

    Am I leaving something out???

    Please set me straight.



    Every school is different in what the pre-req’s are so make *sure* you check with the schools you are interested in applying to.

    Here are the pre reqs at the school(s) I am interested in:

    English- 3 semesters
    Biology- 2 semesters
    Physics- 2 semesters
    Gen Chem- 2 semesters
    Organic Chem- 2 semesters
    And 2-4 classes in (I’m sure they would like to see 4 rather than 2):
    Biochem, Anatomy, Micro, Histology, Embryology, Cell Bio, Comp Anatomy, Genetics, Physiology

    No Calculus required (thank god…lol)



    No you cannot start medical school in the fall of 05 (have no clue about schools abroad) in the US if you are planning on taking the April/August ’05 MCAT.


    Finishing up classes and MCAT spring of 2005 lets you enter medical school fall of 2006 and no earlier. Your general schedule:

    spring 2005 – finish up classes, take the MCAT
    summer 2005 – AMCAS submission
    fall 2005 – secondaries
    fall/winter 2005-2006 – interviews
    winter 2006 and beyond — wait and hope
    fall 2006 – enter medical school

    I have not heard of any schools starting at any time besides fall, with the exception of people taking anatomy the summer before, which I wouldn’t recommend. It’s a good time to get to know your class, and why not enjoy your last few months before starting med school. Also, even if you could start in the spring, it wouldn’t help you, as the clinical training part runs July-June anyway and you’d eventually have to try to match up with that.

    Current premeds could help you more with your prerequisites, but I’m pretty sure I had some sort of requirements for English classes as well (which you have probably already done anyway in the course of getting your college degree).

    Good luck!


    Thank you.
    All of the things you all are saying are basically the conclusions I was coming to. It seems like every “advisor” I have spoken with has been a little cloudy on the order of events after finishing course work.

    Can I throw another question out?

    Am I asking for it to take micro and A&P in the spring semester 2005 and take the MCAT in April? I would really like to take an MCAT prep course, too.

    Since I am in Texas, I plan on applying to mostly Texas schools. It looks like most of them are requiring 14 hours of biology. I have 8 so far. I think Baylor is the only one that accepts just 8.

    Anyway, this road just seems to stretch out longer and longer…



    HI! Nice to see another Texan. 😀

    You will need the 2 extra semesters in BIO for all the TMDSAS schools. (Baylor is the only one that doesn’t require 4 semesters in bio, as you said)

    TMDSAS is the online application system for the TX schools, again with the exception of Baylor.

    For the MCAT, if you are organized and intent on your studying, the 2 courses with the MCAT prep should be okay. are you taking Biochem or Genetics? Both topics are covered in the MCAT now. You don’t have to have them, but it’s helpful. Biochem does count for the BIO requirement.

    Hope I didn’t say too much that you already knew!


    No, you didn’t say more than I already know…the longer this drags on the less I feel like I know :boggled:
    Maybe I should just take both of those classes. I was thinking I would take micro and A&P. Should I skip those and take the ones you mentioned or will that not be enough?
    I know there is a common idea around here that we shouldn’t be in a hurry, that med school will always be there…but my family is suffering so much while I do this school thing that I am in a hurry…a big one. I want to do whatever I have to do at this point and not spend any time with extras. I hope that doesn’t sound too bad…

    Thanks for your insight.



    Anatomy per se is not tested on the MCAT so taking A&P would be nice but not essential, at my school the A&P course was mostly anatomy so taking that would not have been my best option. OTOH physiology *is* on the MCAT along with some basic micro, genetics, and biochem. So if I had to take the MCAT in April of ’05 I would try to take a human physiology course, micro, and biochem. If you can *only* take two classes I would shoot for the human phys and biochem….if you are applying to the TX schools check which two additional bio classes that are suggested.


    Can you take the MCAT more than once within a given year? (e.g Like the SAT or ACT?)


    Yes, you can take the April MCAt and then if you did not go as well as predicted you can retake it again in August. There are only two MCAT’s given in a year.

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