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    any quick meal recipes you’d like to share? I’m always at a loss for fixing something healthy, tasty and QUICK for my 20 month old daughter. Preferably something we could all eat?


    Try this, my kids love it!

    Quick Quesadillas

    Packet Louis Rich Southwestern Chicken strips
    Packet Mexican Grated Cheese
    Flour tortillas
    Green onions
    Sour cream, guacamole, salsa if desired

    Put a little olive oil of butter in a fry pan. Add tortilla, place layer of cheese, the chicken strips chopped smaller, chopped green onions of desired. Then add another layer of cheese on top. Place another tortilla on top. Cook over low heat until cheese melts, turn over for other side. Serve with above sides….

    We love this meal, all out of a packet processed food, but who cares!!



    I’ve been doing OAMC *once-a-month-cooking* and really like it. On an average day basis, it is really quick, but it does mean that you spend the better part of a day each month cooking (or I tend to spend 2 Saturday mornings cooking).

    The basic idea of OAMC is that you cook in larger quantities, freeze meal-size servings, and reheat them as needed. I do lots of things with lowfat ground beef (meatballs, meatloaf,taco meat, casserole below, etc) and chicken breasts (baked, barbecued, fajitas, etc). Its basically like eating prepackaged convenience foods most nights. There are lots of OAMC websites with recipes and suggestions. Over all it saves me loads of time.

    In answer to your actual question: One easy recipe my family likes…

    Tater tot casserole
    1 lb ground beef cooked and drained
    1 can cream of mushroom soup
    1 package frozed tater tots (I usually dice and saute or broil potatoes instead…and call it tater tot-less casserole 😉 )
    grated cheddar

    mix beef and soup and put in greased pyrex dish (9 x 13???). cover with potatoes/tater tots and sprinkle on some cheese. bake @ 350 until heated through (~30 mins).

    CaLiGirL :)CaLiGirL:)

    what i find very helpful in time constraining situations is to visit the campbell’s soup website. they have quick and tasy ideas and many are “satisfyingly” nutritious (most of which can be done in 20min). i hope i’m not impeding any further discussions…just thought it would be helpful cuz we busy moms can take as much “help” as we can get 😉

    the recipes are yummy and my 4y/o daughter loves it…as well as my hubby :rolleyes: 🙂



    It has been awhile since I had a 20 month old, but my daughter and I recently wrote a book, Food for Tots, about feeding preschoolers, based on nutritional information, and what her little ones will eat. Some ideas are: Omelets or frittatas with vegies, “Sneaky Joes”: brown some hamburger, add bottled bbq sauce and frozen mixed vegies. If you really want to hide the vegies put them and the bbq sauce in a blender before stirring into the hamburger. We have more recipes on our website foodfortots.com
    Good Luck! drjan


    Better Homes and Gardens has a web site with a recipe center. You can find thousand of meals & can refine your search by type of meat, entree, app., dessert, meals in under 30 min or even meals with less than 8 ingredients! I’m sure you can find great things there, I like using the light cooking section. My other suggestion is a grill like the George Foreman. I got one for Christmas & it heats up in less than 5 min then you throw your meat on & in 6 or 7 min it is ready to eat! You can also cook veggies on it. It is so easy & quick, I love it.


    During the summer months (when I’m not quite as busy) I Pressure Can roasts. Then in the winter when things get hectic I open a can, pop it in the microwave for a couple of minutes and “Presto” roast for dinner. (tastes like crock pot roasts). I also Pressure Can hamburger to use in burritos, casseroles, etc. When I hve a casserole to fix all I need to do is open a can and use the already cooked hamburger. Mucher quicker! Another trick I use is to make more time intensive meals (lasagna, etc.) on the days when I’m not quite so busy and then have the left overs the next day when I have lab or other things that keep me late. Then there is always the chicken nugget thing…but not all that healthy unless you buy the fat free ones (we do because of dietary restrictions for our son). Actually there are a whole range of prepackaged meals that are low on fat etc. if you look for them. I try to only use them on those “late home” days because of the expense involved. Also, on the weekends I usually do up a casserole or two to cook during the week.
    Good luck! Cynthia

    Brooke TroutBrooke Trout

    I live 2 hours from a decent grocery store. I make one major trip a month. I buy large quantities of veggies, meat, etc… Though time consuming I spend one day planning for most of the month.

    When I get home I:

    Prepare and Prepackage several meals then freeze them. It doesn’t take long, but it is hard to motivate myself after driving all day and shopping with a toddler and precocious 7 year old.

    Shish Kabobs…cut up the meat, shrimp, zuchini,pearl onions, bell peppers, pineapple, etc. I bag and freeze them in meal size portions. Sometimes I place them on skewers. I usually make 5 or 6 of them. Then I can defrost(microwave) and marinate and BBQ OR place the frozen portion in a covered baking dish with rice and broth/water. Thirty minutes, tops. I let my 7 year old choose the “flavor”… sweet and sour, italian, etc. I use Bragg’s Liquid Aminos instead of soysauce.

    Tacos/Burritos…I grate or chop zuchini, onions, green peppers, in with the meat. I then freeze a couple of extra meals of the meat/veggies for later use. I usually mix blackbeans with the meat also. Anyway, just saute the meat, have an older child grate cheese, chop lettuce and tomatoes. 15 minutes. The zuchini is an easy veggie to “slip in” because it doesn’t have much taste. Also, I will add a mango or peach to my salsa if the kids are on a fruit strike.

    Spaghetti sauce…make several batches for lasagna, spaghetti, put on spaghetti squash etc…
    I don’t buy premade sauce. Just tomato sauce, tomato paste, and diced tomatoes.I like Veggies so I not only put the obligatory man satisfying meat in the sauce…also zuchini, peppers, mushrooms, onions, fresh garlic, spinach, any veggie that needs to be cooked soon. After simmering the sauce I freeze meal sized portions. While the sauce is defrosting in the pan, boil the noodles. The great thing about using alot of veggies is: Even if the kids pick them out of the sauce…most of the nutrients have been cooked INTO the sauce.

    I freeze the chicken in individual packs, too. I take the frozen breats and place in a dish with couscous, pilaf, broth, veggies…then bake. If I make chicken parmesan I use nutrional yeast with plain bread crumbs to cover the meat.

    Stir Fries are great. Kids will eat anything if they like the flavor.
    We have soup and sandwich nights, too. Or Mac n’ Cheese…I buy (for the same price as Kraft) ANNIE’S organic shells and cheese…peas and corn easily slip into the shell undetected.

    We have one or 2 emergency or sheer exhaustion meals in a bag around also. I generally try to avoid them, but sometimes it is helpful.

    The most important thing is to read labels- fat content, refined sugar, sodium, etc, go whole wheat, avoid overly processed foods/ snacks (if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, don’t consume it), make every bite count. My kids/husband are not deprived. But, I rarely send them shopping as I don’t like when they show up with soda, fruit rolls, candy, sugar cereal, velveeta, and nothing else from the store. Keep yogurt, sliced veggies, string cheese, whole wheat crackers around. When you are starving when you get home snack healthily while you prepare food. If you have a small snack when you walk in the door, it makes life easier. I get dinner started, then check the answering machine, email, restock the diaper bag, etc. By the time the tasks are completed, dinner is ready and half of the nighly work is done too.

    It is also easy to have fend for yourself night once in awhile. Cereal with fresh fruit…leftovers, etc. My aunt has teeneagers and she does this…After years as a short-order cook sometimes she wishes for fend for yourself week or even month. LOL.

    CaLiGirL :)CaLiGirL:)


    CaLiGirL :)CaLiGirL:)

    Wow, pretty old thread but I find it to be very useful… :yes:

    Anybody have any quick recipe ideas for us busy moms? If you do, please post here! 😉


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