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    Hi Everyone :wave: ,

    Just thought I’d go for a lighter note here and see if there’s anything really special that anyone has gotten their spouse/kids/friends that you just can’t wait to give them.

    The circumstance that spawned this thought? Well, I came home yesterday and tripped over a box in the living room that had my boyfriend’s name on it. Now, I never even open up his mail, but since I was already peeved that I tripped over it, I decided to open it up to see what was in it. Imagine my surprise when I found mcat study guides, cards and audio cd’s. (I’m in my car almost 3 hrs a day and so the mcat audio cd’s would really come in handy) It was my christmas gift that he had gotten from I felt awful that I had opened it up, sealed it back up amidst tears that he had really put thought into the gift… and I’ve been pretending to buy the tall tale he gave me when he came home and said that it was something one of his friends had him order for them. So he has no clue I know… and now I feel like a chump for just getting him a shirt.

    So… any last minute ideas – I’m open to suggestions. [santahat]


    What kind of stuff does he like? interests? hobbies? Does he like to read? A sports fan?

    I got my husband a shirt once that read:
    “Everyone is entitled to my opinion”
    It was just a simple gift, but he loved it! I just about had to peel it off of him. snicker, snicker, snicker! :laughing:

    Good luck! And Merry Christmas! [santahat]

    EM momEM mom

    I’ve always liked gifts that give you “together” time…and depending on your $$ you could do tickets to something (movies, play, sporting event, concert) or a gift certificate with a plan to go to dinner together at one of his favorite restaurants…or a night in a hotel if you really have some $$ to spend. You can be creative with this, and there is still plenty of time to do this if you like the idea!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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