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    how many of you premeds have medical research experience? What kind of projects did you volunteer/work on? I’m just looking for ideas and wonder what anyone else has done.



    I’m currently working on a longitudinal depression study. I’m interested in psychiatry, so my research is not biologically lab oriented (I’m not dissecting anything, preparing cultures, etc.) but rather, I am interviewing patients and their children. The principal investigator is actually a PhD in sociology, but the techniques used and the lab itself is run by a PhD in Psychology who does teach at the local medical school. I’ve been told by other doctors that research does not necessarily have to be done under an MD so long as it is something which reflects your interests. :p



    I did basic science research in the College of Medicine during my Master’s Degree….my topic was Carbonic Anhydrase II. I studied the active site cavity and the mechanisms of catalysis and chemical rescue. It was a very rewarding (and eye-opening) experience.

    If you are looking for ideas for yourself, you might consider looking thru the research projects in your local Med School/Grad School…Find what you like and volunteer your services! 😀



    Sethina I have two research experiences, one at Vanderbilt and the Mayo Clinic. My research for both cases was in the summer (10 weeks), one of them has been accepted for publishing (Mayo) and I am co-author. By far the Mayo experience was the best because by then I knew my way around the lab.

    dr . suzdr. suz

    For my senior thesis, I designed my own research project – an ethnographic survey of healthcare workers’ views on the disclosure of information to children with cancer. It was a topic I was very interested in and no professors were studying it, but I found an advisor who helped me design, implement, and evaluate the study. I think, in retrospect, the initiative of designing my own study was impressive to medical school admit committees – it was certainly challenging to take on all aspects of a research question (grant-writing, entree into a field, research tool development, human subjects approval, etc, etc). More importantly, it was meaningful and interesting to me (not latching onto someone else’s project). I only wish I had taken the next step and published it.


    I am interested in geriatrics so my research interests lie in geriatric medicine. I did a simple research study looking at the relationship between falls and nursing home placement by using a survey sent to the DON of area nursing homes. I presented this for a poster presentation at a state conference. My undergrad degree is actually in gerontology and my internship was at a local medical college. From that experience, I am currently involved in a research study that is looking at web-based intervention for stroke caregivers. I am an interviewer for this research study. Like Donna, my research is not biologically based but does reflect my interests in issues in geriatric medicine.


    I did a research project through the New York State Department of Health at Harlem Hospital. I worked in the Pediatrics clinic where I assisted Dr. Gayle-Thompson, Chief of Pediatrics by conducting surveys, interviews on Wife Abuse and the Effects on the Growth and Development of Children. The surveys were done voluntarily. I interviewed various agencies, and law enforcement personnel.
    This was an interesting project and was recently published. I also received an award from the New York State Department of Health.
    I would like to conduct research on minorities and cancer prevention/care after diagnosis. I will be submitting my requests to various hospitals and hospices.
    :p NY


    What a great thread. There are lots of interesting projects people have done.

    I did a research internship at UT Health Science Center in Houston a few years ago. I applied for the position after I read about it in my advisor’s office. I worked with a cardiologist and did research on the effects of cardiac rehabilitation on future cardiac health. IT was fascinating material, and a real eye-opener on the process of research. I will be shadowing this physician this Fall at the community clinic, as well.

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