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    😀 Hi. I am an undergraduate research assistant for the Sociology Department of the University of Pennsylvania. I am helping a professor and a graduate student in writing a book on women in the medical field. Right now I am researching for chapters in the book that will be focused on the maternity leave policies in specifically medical schools, residency programs, and fellowships. We are also interested in the origins of these maternity leave policies and how they were created/affected by the increase of women into the medical field.

    :p I would so greatly appreciate if anyone would like to just share any of their personal maternity leave experience(s) and how it’s affected one’s own mom-in-medicine experience. Any direction or information on where I may find relevant information on our research topic would also be greatly appreciated.

    🙂 Thank you for all your help and interest. It is fascinating and a wonderful experience studying women in medicine 😉 .




    Did you check out of family friendly survey? It has limited reponses but it has some medical schools maternity leave policies there. Go to

    Founder MomMD


    I also wanted to ask a follow-up question: did your partner/husband take leave as well? What was his situation? Again thank you very much! :p

    ps. Thank you Sethina for directing me to that Family Friendly School Survey page. I am currently delving into and using that information. Thanks! 😀


    Another research question:

    Along the lines of maternity leave policies, it would be great if I could hear any personal experiences/situations where hardships in the medical profession were experienced BECAUSE of being a woman.

    Again thank you for the valueable information! 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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