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    Ashley SAshley S

    Hey guys,
    Have you been watching this show? It’s fantastic! It seems very authentic too.

    I am enjoying the storyline about the Levy couple. For those that haven’t seen, the wife is a 3rd yr peds resident with 2 small boys at home. Her hubby is a 2nd year peds cardiology fellow. The relationship is portrayed so that they are shown arguing & such. I get the impression that the man wants her to be the one to sacrifice. As if she is the “least important” doctor of the family. 😡

    What do you all think of that?

    If you haven’t watched, you should. Monday nights 😀


    Oh I love the show. I also love the couple. On Monday is was funny watching hubby follow the instructions to get to the Hotel. I think it was an Anniv or something along the lines. I really enjoy the show and the realism.

    M -AM-A

    Yes, I like Resident Life and watch it every week. I especially liked the story of the young woman performing her first transplant and having to deal with the death of the patient in the end…very moving.

    The couple is also fun to watch..interesting to see how they argue and try to deal with their careers.

    M-A :yes:


    I love this show also. I agree that it seems to be fairly realistic. It has really made me think about residency to see the Levy couple – I can’t imagine having both parents trying to do residency at the same time. It does seem that she is the one that is worrying about balancing everything and he just does his thing because his is the more intense residency. That bothers me for her! 🙂

    Did you all see the one with woman that switched from ER to autopsy? She cracked me up. You would definitely have to have a sense of humor working on dead people all day. That’s one area of medicine I just can’t see myself in….that’s dangerous to say, though… :scratchchin:

    Oh well, anyway, I agree – good show!

    Ashley SAshley S

    I am glad I am not the only one who gets emotionally involved in TV shows.

    Yes, Mrs Levy sent Mr on a scavenger hunt for their anniversary. A good idea! He went to Victoria’s Secret to buy lingerie. The lady handed him a clue. I thought it was sad when he said he never did sweet things for her anymore. He said he didn’t even remember her size!
    Anyway, maybe they will patch things up 🙂

    I think that any marriage has one who sacrifices more. But a double doctor marriage would be too much for me. What do y’all think?


    Double (doctor already) marriage is probably more doable than double doctor residents. (especially with young kids), just goes to show people everyday are doing the unthinkable.


    Amen Heidi, as a physician, I also have no interest revisiting those all so fun times. ON ward and upward.


    I agree. I live a resident’s life. I have zero desire to watch it on TV. Also can’t watch “Maternity Ward” or any of the birthing shows – too much like work.

    I am in a dual doctor marriage – I was a premed and med student when my husband was a resident. Now he is an attending while I am a resident. Hard does not even begin to describe it. It sounds like the show is realistic, but honestly I don’t know if I want to see that mirror shining back at my own life. Too painful.

    EM momEM mom

    I gotta agree with the other MDs…way too much pain (and the show is VERY watered down, I have watched it once…everyone has their “nice” faces on, very unrealistic at most residency programs). I think if you’ve lived any part of it, its just way too much to watch!


    My husband was a fellow and I was a resident while our son was 1 through 4 years old. The reason it worked was because we both worked really hard to be a team. Now that we’re both attendings, we STILL have to work very hard and compromise ALL the time. The current struggle is that he has to get home from work by 6 pm 1-2 days a week when I work — and he really needs more time to work at home, but he also is the primary violin parent and sometimes the primary homework parent. It worked then and works now because he’s a really involved dad, so even though my career takes less hours, we have pretty balanced family involvement. I think it would be much harder if our workloads and our incomes were very lopsided.

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