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    Just wondering what everyone’s subspecialty is and in what type of practice we are each in. And has anyone gone through one program, then decided to do a second?

    I’m a general internist, starting at a Veteran’s Affairs outpatient clinic next month (after the ABIM exam!)



    I love this role call idea, who’s there!!



    Hi there,
    My specialty is family practice, which I love. It’s enjoyable to have the variety of patients from newborns to elderly, being able to do small surgical procedures, physicals, paps, counseling, etc. I was in a large multispecialty group practice and I’m now just starting my own solo/private practice. I’ll keep you posted as to my experience in this move. I’m so happy to have found all of you … Later, Marlene


    Hi. Heidi, my situation is different in psych than in medicine because my overhead is so low and I have no staff. I started my practice half-time while working as an independent contractor in a clinic half-time so I knew I had a predictable income base. Luckily women psychiatrists who not only do meds but also psychotherapy are in big demand here, so I filled my hours fast. Once I returned from maternity leave 6 months ago, I quit the clinic job and was ready to do just the private practice side. I only participate in one managed care company and Medicare, so about half my practice is cash-based with patients submitting for reimbursement. I also have patients pay at the time of each visit which helped my cash flow a lot especially at the beginning.

    I’m not sure how much of that could translate to your situation, but I’m reading more and more about internists and FPs switching to a fee-for-service/ no managed care participation model. Perhaps you could do a more gradual switch by working a part-time salaried or hourly job while you start or create a practice where you’re in control. The caveat is no benefits. My husband’s job provides my health care coverage but I pay all my own disability/life insurance, malpractice, and just started a retirement account this year. SO if you’re responsible for your family’s benefits this kind of plan might not work. But it is WAY better for me to have the control and decide how I want to treat my patients, and the patients tell me they like this model much better than the 15 min med management slots that many psychiatrists seem to use.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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