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    I just wanted to find out if age has ever been a barrier for anyone starting medical school in the 30’s and residency in their late 30’s to early 40’s.

    I just want some honest advice. Lots of people I talk to seem to want to discourage my decision for medical school at my age (except mommd!)

    Looking forward to your responses.




    There are many women (and men) who start med school “late.” I’m in my 30s and feel that I’m better equiped to successfully complete med school now than I would have been at 22. Yes, having a family complicates things and I can’t study as much as some of my single classmates, but my life experiences, maturity, time-management skills (from being a mom 😉 ), etc all benefit me tremendously. In fact, one of my professors (a male physician) stated that in his experience the med students that go on to make the best physicians are women in their 30s who have 2 kids!

    Now on the other side, if your family (especially your husband) isn’t really behind you on this endeavor you’ll have some problems. My husband has taken over many of my SAHM roles while he works full time, my parents pick my daughter up from school, and I even have friends who help me out with random things that just have to get done. I could not be a med student without all of their help and support. This isn’t something to be taken lightly, and I do my best to adjust my schedule when possible so that I spend time with my family…and I try my best to thank them all regularly! Keep in mind that my daily schedule is pretty rotten (since I’ve found that I study better at school): I come home some nights for dinner, but I generally study at school until 1am or so 3-6 nights/week (depending on test schedules). All-in-all, even though the process is not fun, I’m so glad that I’m in med school.

    I wish you luck in your decisions. Feel free to PM me!




    Thanks for your response. It is great to hear one of the professors encouraging mature age students. I have support from my husband and both my kids are at school. I currently work full time and with our current routine, I feel it will work out during full time study.

    My main problem has been this extreme desire to study medicine and yet not believing that it is possible. Many people around me think its a crazy attempt. I have also questioned myself and I always come back to the same conclusion – I really want to be a family GP. There is no other career or job I can think of that I would rather do.

    Kristin MDKristin MD

    Having started a family during med school and continued it through residency (now PGY4-Radiology), I have to honestly say that med school is the least of your worries. It’s the residency that is the killer because your time is really not your own, there is almost always some call involved and you have a lot more responsibility. Med school you can skip classes, leave early etc. Granted the hours spent studying are a lot in med school but you need to study at least as much in residency to be good at what you want to do. Then there are all of the in hospital hours…Don’t be short sighted thinking that med school is where the time crunch will be – it’s residency.

    AND having support at home is the only way – husband, family etc. You won’t be able to do it ALL… good luck!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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