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    Hello- I am 28 years old and very interested in attending medical shool. I am not sure that it is a possibility. Not because of age( I have finally gotten over the age factor), but due to my GPA. While in college I did major in Biology/Chemistry so I do have some of the prequisites for medical shool. My over GPA was a 2.4 which in no way reflects my ability,but is due to other non school factors ( I had to work fulltime and take care of a sick parent). Now I work in the clinical research field and will graduate with a Masters Degree in a non science field( with a GPA of 3.5) this December. I still want to attend medical school. Is this still a possibility with my low GPA? I have looked into completing a post-bac. program, but there are none in my area. What are my next steps? This next fall I was planning to retake some of my science course at a local university. I would appreciate any advice-I am total clueless. Thanks. :confused: 🙂


    There are alot of Texas people over on the OPM (older premeds) board and several seem to have done post-bac programs. Maybe you could check there if you don’t find the info here. (

    Good luck!



    Good luck, we have a lot of Texas people here too. I look forward to reading answers!



    Texan here! :rolleyes:

    I think the standard advice here says to talk to an advisor at one of the med schools you are interested in and find out what their opinion is.

    I would think completing a grad program shows you are well able to handle commimment, etc. You might want to take a couple of upper level courses to show you can make higher grades now. It could also help you review for the MCAT. Your work experience should be a definite plus!

    Good luck!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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