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    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Ray and I have posted on other boards here. Just found this site and I’m very excited.
    Will be applying for med school for the year 2004. I’m 27, African American, married with two kids (1 and 3). I attended undergrad at Spelman College in Atlanta (B.S. in Biology). Applied to podiatry school in Philadelphia after college and was accepted. Didn’t go because got married to a military officer after college! Don’t worry we are still going strong. We moved to San Antonio TX where I did a year of research releated to vibrio cholera (published a paper) and then received a Masters in Env. Science. Been working now for almost 3 years for local government. Oh, had two kids in the process! Now I am finally attempting to go back to school. Very nervous but excited! How will med schools look at me? Hubby is very supportive but I’m worried about how this will affect him and the kids! It’s been almost 7 years since I last took the MCAT so I’m preparing for that again. Just looking for someone who is willing to be a mentor and discuss challenges and give me wise counsel. Doing this at 27 seems a whole lot more daunting than doing it at 19! Want to be a family care physician (pediatrics). Really want to go to Wright State University in Ohio. Hubby will be at Wright Pat Air Force Base for a long time. Wish me luck. Thanks

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