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    Yes, this freaks me out too, but people are actually buying Liesl’s used diapers. What a freaky world we do live in. These aren’t even the good ones; the yuppie Everest-sherpa fleece-nylon-microterry ones she’s wearing now fetch something like $12 apiece. Used. This is not meant as an ad, btw, I just have to point out the freakiness of what you can do on eBay.



    at first I didn’t realize that they were NOT disposable. BIZARRE!! When I took a whole pile of stuff to a kids resell, I had some gorgeous hardly worn Nordstrom dresses and some old padded underwear for toilet training (already a hand-me-down for us), the dresses were given back but they kept the used panties???

    My sister-in-law has sold MOLDY, yes moldy knitting wool (it is described as such) and still people buy it….

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    Wow. The auction’s over, and 14 dipes and 5 covers went for nearly $160. Kissaluvs, if you’re into that stuff. I’m stunned. And yeah, Sethina, I sold some Hanna Andersson stuff too, and it didn’t fetch nearly as much as the diapers did.

    :rolleyes: it’s gonna be interesting when my daughter finds out her college education is partly funded by sales of her used diapers…well, they do say there’s no such thing as clean money.

    amy :laughing:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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