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    Hi everyone,
    I haven’t posted in many many moons. This past year has been one of the worst on record. Husband laid off last March, closed our restaurant, our catering business really slow…I had been premed until then, but all of these things led me to applying to our local cc for nursing school. I probably will get a spot… Have done well in all prereqs and have a high GPA. I still really want to be a doc, but I need to make a living fairly soon. 2 years in nursing school and I can make a good living. My oldest child will be ready for college then. It doesn’t appear likely my husband will find another high tech job again and our savings are gone.
    I have been really depressed over the situation. 🙁 My husband wants me to continue to take premed courses if I can during nursing school and still apply to med school in 2004. If I am actually accepted to med school I would matriculate in August 2005, the same time as I would graduate from nursing school. He says with a lot of belt tightening and finacial aid, we could still send my daughter to college and stay alive. :wave:


    I could be wrong, but I don’t think they will view it as that (especially DO schools). On the other applicants from nursing school tend to have one of the lowest rates of acceptance (according to the AAMC.) Have you given thought to PA school? If you have the pre-reqs, you can do that in two years and also enter the workforce with an excellent income. And then when you are ready, reapply to medschool.


    I am a nurse/NP/premed, and have been giving career choice a lot of hard thought, especially since joining MomMD. I would suggest a PA program too, if you decide delaying the med school route is your best choice. Being a nurse is very stressful place to be right now, esp due to massive shortages. Yes, the money is good, but it comes at a high mental health price. If your personality/temperament is more MD, you will be “walking up hill” every day. Being a PA could give you the breathing space you need and patient contact too.
    Good luck and best wishes with everything!! :grouphug:


    I am in the same position as you csiam0716. I am currently applying for a nursing program because I need the money right now and its my back up plan if med school doesn’t work out :crossfingers: . I don’t think its a reflection of “jumping ship” The way I see it is we are dedicated to the field of healthcare. 😀 I had also considered PA, but I chose nursing instead. I liked the idea of becoming an NP and not having to work under a physician. I am a little uneasy about the job security when it comes to PA’s. I mean before you are NP you are a nurse first.

    Hey Jumpu where did you find the information about the statics of nurses enrolling into med school. I would like to read it but can’t find it anywhere on their site. Can you help me??? :confused:


    I believe it was published in one of their previous issues of the MSAR, but let me look it up and get back to you to be sure. Can anyone else remember this stat?


    Okay I found it in the 1997 MSAR which says on page 26, “students who concentrated in such professional fields as medical technology, nursing and pharmacy were less successful in gaining admission to medical school that year.”

    It then follows with a table listing majors and the percentage of acceptance among them. This was at a time (94-95) when the average acceptance percentage was 38.2, and for nursing majors, it specifically shows the percentage as 25.1. This is perhaps a little dated, and also implies that it isn’t impossible to get into medschool with a nursing degree, but it can make it a little more difficult. I’ve heard the converse is true of DO schools.

    I guess the best thing to do is to ask schools on an individual basis.


    Hey ladies, 🙂
    Thanks for all the insight. Some background info might help. I have a BA in English. Nursing would just give me an associate’s R.N. I need to look into the whole PA thing in my area. (Dallas) If I continue and graduate and work as a nurse, I want to work in L&D and then become a certified nurse midwife.
    I have heard on other message boards that quitting or not working in any program be it a master’s degree, choiropractic school, nursing etc…. that med schools have a tendency to think you are flighty and wonder if you will “quit” med school too. :banghead:
    These are just some of my thoughts and what I have gleaned from other sources. I know that I need a plan B and I can’t start a plan B, if I don’t get into med school. I have to plan and start a plan B now. 😀
    If anyone else has more input I would love to hear from you.

    To everyone else,thanks so much. :p
    Cindy :cloud9:


    Thanks Jumpu.

    Have you ever considered doing an accelerated nursing program where you can get your BSN in nursing. Not to say that an Associates is bad or anything. For myself that is what I have chosen to do. I have a BA in Biology. I had actually started my masters and decided it wasn’t for me. I currently do research now and I know its not what I want to do for the rest of my life. So I decided to not continue my masters. I know that will probably not look good but its a choice I had to make. But I have decided to nursing and with the accelerated it will take me a year to complete. Its going to be pretty intense but I am ready for it.

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