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    Hi. I posted a few threads and have found this website very inspiring and helpful.
    I took pre-med in college about 10 yrs ago. Grades stunk [science GPA 2.5 and overall GPA 3.0] b/c I wasn’t serious about school. I went to law school and practiced for 6+ years…had a baby 5 months ago. In my time at home I realized I want to fulfill this long time dream of becoming a Dr.
    So, I looked at colleges near me for pre-med courses. The schools that would work with my schedule as a mother are private and EXPENSIVE [$20,000 per yr]. I want to do it in one yr and one summer; with the plan of taking the MCAT in April [before even finishing all the coursework]. The school that is State and less expensive doesn’t work with babysitting needs, etc… I am in a difficult spot. My husband is a Dr. and just started making some money….and we really can’t afford the $20,000 tuition. Its crazy.
    Should I focus on studying for the MCAT and give it a shot???? I am not sure how much [if anything] I remember about bio, organic, chem. I would only apply to the local DO school b/c no medical school would consider those grades. DO school wants better than that as well, but I thought if maybe I could do well on the MCAT. I need help!!! Any opinions about what I should do?
    Is it unrealistic to even take the MCATs with those grades?

    DrWuStar *DrWuStar*

    hi nella,

    first, don’t sell yourself short! i think it’s important for you to realize that admissions committees will not rule you out based on your grades 10 years ago when you were a teenager. you will have to show them that you are serious now by making high grades in the courses you take this year and scoring well on the mcat. when you apply, you will want to use your personal statement to address the reasons your gpa was low way back when, all that you have accomplished since then (being a lawyer and a mom, etc), and why you are sure you would be successful now. they understand that people change with time and grow up. your numbers from the past will not be as important as your numbers in the present.

    as for the cost of classes, there are grants and loans available. if you go to med school, you will be in debt anyway. IMHO, one extra year of tuition shouldn’t make all that much differnce if this is what you really want to do. if you and your husband will both be making MD salaries at the end of the road, you will be able to pay it off and live comfortably. don’t let money stand in the way of what you really want.

    as for the mcat, i would suggest waiting until you have taken all the classes. it is possible to re-learn the stuff on your own, but it will be a lot easier for you if you have taken the classes. why do you want to take it in april rather than next august, when you will have completed more of the material?

    hope that helps,

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