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    I am a single mom of two children ages 6 and 3. I am african caribbean and I am an undergraduate student at a commuinty college. I would love to talk to a single parent who has survived this road. How did you study and work? I have moved back to my parents and fall of 2002 I will be attending school fulltime. I plan on driving a cab because it the most flexible job I can pursue now. I am looking for a mentor that has been down the road and will help me to cross it. I heard about the long hours, low pay and bureaucy of HMOs. For me I really don’t want to wait until I am in my 40’s to pursue my dreams and goals. Would I lose my children over my career, I have already started sacrificing by quitting my secretarial job in August. I am also looking for a doctor to shadow in the Brooklyn, NY area.
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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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