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    Just an FYI for this forum.
    MomMD Members Top Medical Specialties in order.
    1. Family / General Practice
    2. Internal Medicine
    3. Pediatrics
    4. OB/GYN
    5. Surgery
    6. Psychiatry
    7. Pathology
    7. Dermatology
    8. Neurology
    9. Radiology
    10. Anesthesia
    11. Opthalmology
    12. Emergency Medicine
    Sep 2003


    I see that my specialty (clinical genetics) didn’t even make your list! I was a general pediatrician for 8 years, previously did a separate PhD then MD, recently returned to fellowship training in clinical and biochemical genetics. Thought that genetics would be a marketable training and allow me a stable life with my husband and 2 children (7 and 9 yo), but now I am worse off than before as a pediatrician (I have had 3 different jobs over the past 2 years, less pay and more work, commuting over 2 hours a day).


    These are just the top ones. There were about 30 more specialities listed, one of which I am sure is yours.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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