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    I’m looking for some insight about starting med school with grade school age children. I want to apply this year, but I’m having a lot of doubts about what my decision is going to do to my family. My husband is willing to do whatever it takes to make it possible, including staying at home with my girls. I just worry that I’ll be nearly abandoning my family to pursue my own goals. I’ve read postings from moms of infants and small children, but not older kids. My youngest would start kindergarten when I start med school. I don’t want to be a full-time stay at home mom, but I do want to be a good mom. Any advice?


    I should be starting med school when my youngest is in K. I think it will be easier in the sense that they are more self sufficient, and you wont need much of daycare. The thing I worry about the most is missing those important school activity things. The helping with homework type stuff I can handle with time management. We all have those same feelings you just mentioned. Just know you will all go through some rough times, but in the end, everyone will benefit. You will be a great mentor to your child or children! :yes:


    Sorry I didn’t see this post sooner!

    I’lll be starting med school this year with 2 in 2nd grade and one in 5th grade! 😀 I waited to finish my prereq’s and apply until my kids were all in school because I wasn’t ready to do it when they were younger.

    Now I have much fewer concerns because I know the kids will already be at school all day. They understand about tests and homework and I can explain things to them, like that I need to study for an hour before I can play Monopoly. Obviously, it won’t be that simple, but I do feel it will better for us. I also like the fact that they are old enough to tell me what’s going on in their lives.

    Melissa Gray, one of our diary writers, also has a school age child and she is a 2nd year in med school.

    Feel free to PM me if you want.

    DO HopefulDO Hopeful

    This is something I was concerned about too. Currently I am a SAHM with lots of prereqs to finish before I can even take MCAT and apply. But I was worried about putting my kids in daycare while I am at school, studying, and not being able to spend “quality time” with them. Just like Holly H, I was worried that I’m being selfish in wanting to pursue my own goals of being a doctor . . . I knew that my decision to do this will affect the whole dynamics of my family. Luckily, my husband is also very supportive, and he’s really good at helping with the kids. And even though my kids (4 y.o. and 18 mo.) are either in preschool or daycare for part of the day while I’m completing prereqs, when I’m in med school, they will be in elementary school, and I’m hoping, like others have said, that by that age they will understand what I’m doing (studying and homework) because they’ll be doing it too.


    Originally posted by TheresaW:
    Melissa Gray, one of our diary writers, also has a school age child and she is a 2nd year in med school.

    Yup. I started when my daughter was in 2nd grade. I think that grade school is a decent time to start med school. It’s not perfect, but since the kiddo’s at school all day, I can do my best to work my studying around my family. At this point, I’m doing a 4 am study session until classes start at 8 (I do this studying at home most of the time) and then study at school until around 7 pm. Then I can come home and spend time with my daughter until she goes to bed.

    During big testing times, all bets are off, but the rest of the time this has worked well for my family.

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