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    Hi friends,
    I have not posted in awhile. I have recently graduated and took a job as a hospitalist. I will be starting in ten days or so. I went to the hospital once, met with some staff, spent a couple of hrs. I plan to go again next week just to meet some more staff and visit the place. I am in a different state than where I trained and the whole place is new to me. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions on what they have done in the days prior to starting a new job to ease the transition.


    Congratulations on your graduation and your new job! I am not a hospitalist, but I have a checklist that I use to orient myself to a new workplace because I often go to different places. It is specific to my specialty and preferences, but it includes things like knowing where key equipment is (crash cart, etc.) and reviewing the paperwork (or computer work) that I will need to use. I’m sure it is a lot different for hospitalists, so maybe figure out what you need to know for your daily routine and for certain emergencies that you might expect. Make a list of things that you don’t know yet and get those answers either before you start or on the first day. Good luck!


    Thank you!


    Congrats niash! Great to see you back here!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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