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    Hopefully I won’t get in trouble for posting in this forum instead of the MCAT/USMLE forum, but I think more people will see it here (I hope). I have been away from the forum for a while b/c 2nd year is just a bit hectic….and it’s only going to get worse with step 1 around the corner! :boggled: I’m trying to get things lined up and planned for optimal prep, and I know that everyone learns differently, etc, etc, but if anyone is willing to share what worked (or didn’t) for them, I’d be forever grateful! I’d like to know what approach you took and any especially useful or bad books you used.

    Right now I’m thinking of studying for 3-4 weeks. Mostly self study except for reviewing Q bank with my friend. I know that I need to get First Aid’s review. Should I get the Kaplan review series? I have some BRS books from class (I hear that the Path one is excellent for the boards), but some of them are just so-so. I hear First Aid is also good for some subjects & Lippincott for others. Any suggestions? :confused:

    Really, any thoughts would be great! Thanks for reading & replying! 😉

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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