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    I was wondering if anyone has been in this situation before: I have a 12 month old and I go to school full time. I just returned after a six year hiatus. I took my first bio exam last week and I got it back tonight. The class average was 66%, I got a 68%! Needless to say I was stunned. I studied SO hard for this exam. And I felt good after the exam, too! He’s not going to curve the damn thing, either. But what I am REALLY stressed about is the fact that there are only three exams in this class, so I’m essentially out of the running for an A this semester. I’m going to talk to him tomorrow. But what I really want to know is, have any of you been in a similar predicament and pulled off a decent grade? I’m just worried that perhaps this a sign that I am not med school material. My husband tells me I’m overreacting and the road to achieving your dreams isn’t always a smooth one(which sounds like a load of BS to me, but nowadays, I’ll take what I can get ;D ) Thanks for Listening!!!


    Hey Jennifer,

    I’m sorry that your first exam didn’t turn out too well. I’ve found that even when profs say they won’t curve, they usually do anyway (they just want to scare you).

    The important thing is to learn from your mistakes and to not let it get you down. Go through each question and see where your thinking was wrong. If you don’t feel confident for the next test, then definitely take the time to visit your prof during office hours.

    This is absolutely not a sign that you’re not “med school material”. Don’t let one rotten test interfere with your goals.



    I’d like to add, I’ve found that the first midterm is always the worst for me, because I don’t know what to expect. The format, the kinds of questions asked, the depth of information you’re supposed to know, all of that is a mystery until you take the first midterm. Now you know what kinds of details he’ll ask you about in the future. Just take a close look at the test, and figure out what kinds of details alluded you. Then look over your notes and your text, and figure out why they eluded you. Were they things that didn’t seem all that important during lecture? Was the relevent fact tucked deep into a 15 sentence paragraph?

    And, I agree with above – if the class average is 66%, then he’s so gonna curve the tests at the end.



    HI Jen!
    I have to agree. Usually a prof wants to scare their students when it comes to a curve. Do you really think he is going to give everyone in the class a D? You have to try to look at it in a positive light…You BEAT THE CLASS AVERAGE! Way to go! It will probably get better as time progresses. My school had a 100% acceptance rate into med schools last year. Although it has a fabulous program, it tries to “weed” out the students that are not up to the challenge. It seems to me, by the class average, that you are up to the challenge. Don’t let one test score discourage you. Give yourself a pat on the back. 🙂 You beat the average after a long hiatus and having an infant. That is doc material if you ask me. Just keep plowing through the material the best you can. One thing I found helpful is reading the material BEFORE lecture and then reviewing it after lecture. I know the time restraints (I, too, had no choice but to study after I put my little one to bed at 9:30 each night). Try not to stress too badly. Give it some time. It will get better..I promise!

    Future Mom MDFuture Mom MD


    I agree with the rest of the posters.

    Take a look at the material and see where you went wrong. You did do well on the test if you made above the class average.

    Don’t let this bum you out. I made an low F on my first general chemistry exam and came out with a B. So take it from me, you can pull this off. You will know what to expect from the next exam.



    HI Jen,

    Don’t let the first biochem. test get you down at all!! I made a 56 on my first one and pulled out of that class with a B. Take it from a second year peds resident and mom of 1 1/2(second son due in Feb.): one test does not make or break a great doc! Keep up the good work, and remember there is light at the end of that long med school tunnel!



    Yes, I have been in a similar situation. As the working mother of a four year old taking Chemistry, I don’t have much time to study. Nonetheless, the 71% I got on my first chem exam was a shock to me. My husband also told me something similar. I ended up with a high B on the second exam. Just keep studying hard and reviewing everything. And, never give up your dreams and aspirations!! Don’t let one test get in the way of your dreams…I think I need to listen to my own advice sometimes!


    Jennifer do not get discouraged on the first exam they are always a “new” situation, and you still do not have the style of the professor down yet. Also to add to all the other posts, if you feel that you could ask someone that did well on the exam about their study habits and how they mastered the material that may help. Sometimes students focus just on the lecture notes or just on the chapters, and you may need both or just one of the two depending on the proff. Also ,for sure go back to see your exam if you do not get to keep it, and see were and why you messed up did you bubble wrong, or maybe erased the correct answer, etc. That will help a lot when you try to fine tune your study habits for this particuar class. Keep your head up and know that if you keep plugging away you will be fine and do well in the course. Keep us posted!


    I’m in your situation. I, too, took a 6 year break from school and have 5 kids! Can’t study even when they go to bed (husband looks at sports channels til 11 or 12 and I have housework). So this means I get up at 4am at least 3X week to study. Don’t sweat the 1st test. You can do this- and don’t you believe anything less! My Chem professor only gives 1 quiz per chapter, labs, and then there’s the midterm and the final for the majority of your grade. I know exactly what you mean. You’ll be OK- believe your husband.

    CaLiGirL :)CaLiGirL:)


    Let me just start off by saying, I understand you. I just got my results back today for my first biochem midterm and I too was stunned at the results. I thought I did pretty dang good, only to find out that I got a 94. No, not 94 out of 100, 94 out of 143. The class average was a 90 so I barely cut the average.

    I’d have to agree with Nanon, on the first midterm thing. Don’t let it get to you. First of all, you have to realize that you are returning to a strenous academic life after a 6 yr haitus. You just need to adapt to your new lifestyle, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll do just fine. Now, you should know what to expect from your professor (like his test format and style), and you can use that to your advantage for the next.

    I hope you hang in there and stay as determined as when you decided to become a physician. You’ll be just fine…we all will. You can do anything you put your mind to…a principle we should all embrace. 😉



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