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    An American woman has been left with a British accent after having a stroke.
    This is despite the fact that Tiffany Roberts, 61, has never been to Britain. Her accent is a mixture of English cockney and West Country.

    Doctors say Mrs Roberts, who was born and bred in Indiana, has a condition called foreign accent syndrome.

    This rare condition occurs when part of the brain becomes damaged. This can follow a stroke or head injury. There have only been a few documented cases.

    bizzaro!!!! Is this real?


    Hey, English accents had to come from somewhere. =) Just kidding. But it’s not really that far. Back when I ran a little magazine, I used to do a tiptop Thatcher while drunk. This was post-Saatchi when she’d been advised to talk through that shark smile all the time. Used to read terrible manuscripts aloud in that voice. very good fun. horrible woman she was.

    Btw, I loved that schoolboy glee of Blair’s when he was throwing the poll tax back in the new Tory leader’s face. Hooray for CSPAN.



    That is soooo interesting. I know of a case similar to that, but yet still kinda different.

    There was this polish male patient who had a stroke. His primary language of course was polish, but was fluent in english. Anyways, after his stroke he could only speak english. Isnt that something. The neurologist was VERY surprised by this. It is usually the other way around.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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