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    If any of you are interested in studying medicine in Germany – I can tell you how the process works (for a foreigner to get in).

    Med school in Germany is free.



    Do you have to speak German fluently?


    It would be best if you would. But, it is not necessary. You do have to have a certain level though. You have to take a language test to get in. Either the “DSH” or the “TestDAF”.

    You can take a language course where this test is at the end, or you can study on your own and just sign up for the test at a certified language center. TestDAF is given 6 times a year, and the latest time to take the TestDAF is in April because results can take up to eight weeks to come back (as in my case) and therefore the June test would be too late for the application deadlines (July 15). There are other appointments for the DSH – which are given at the universities themselves. The TestDAF can be done also in the States (Chicago, DC, North Carolina and Boston). The DSH only in the German University. I paid 130 € for the TestDAF, the DSH is cheaper and in some cases free.
    There are real advantages to studying in Germany and the requirement to speak German seems to me a small price to pay.
    Another advantage to studying medicine in Germany, in addition to having no debt when you are done, is that it is easier for a foreigner to get into German medical school than it is for a German. Many are waitlisted 5-6 years. Some sue the schools to get in (yes, it does work, believe it or not). Some study nursing, EMT, phyisotherapy, biology while waiting to get their spot. But foreigners go through a different admissions process than Germans do.
    If you have more questions, let me know.
    For more info on the test, google “testdaf dsh”. Or if you have a specific school in mind (there are 33 med schools in Germany) – let me know.


    will u say whr this med school in germany is located?
    and wat qualifications do i need to get into it besides speaking fluent German and English?


    hi,plz can any one guide me,i wnt to come germany for studying medicine.


    i am indian and would like to do medicine in germany
    pls guide me


    hi dory
    r u still there
    can u pls guide me for a medicine admission in germany


    hello,I am from Georgia,Tbilisi.I am studying at Medical University,on econd courses.I aminterseted if there is some exchange programs in Germany ,I will be very glad if I will have a chance to learn in some medical college or summer school in Germany even some weeks .Please if anyone has information aboput this write me.Thanks


    I will be glad if I attend on some mediacl conference in Gemrnay


    i would like to join MD programme in medicine in germany.
    i already completed my bachelors deg
    if someone reading this could help or guide me it will be grateful


    Medicine in Germany is not taught according to the bachelor / master pattern. The first medical degree is a master’s level degree.

    Before you can continue your education in Germany, your transcripts have to be translated into German by a certified translator and then evaluated by the responsible government office in Germany. After this, you will be informed at which stage you can join the German medical curriculum.

    Please note that all subjects in clinical medicine are taught exclusively in German language.


    My father is from Denmark – to be exactly from Oslo. I am half German half Denmark . I am really proud that I can help you – it surprised me a lot. Dory I have to tell you that all the universities are good if you want to learn from them.

    Even the worst uni in the world can be the best only if you learn. And Dory – have you tried visiting some webpages that do contain all those information? I can help you – Here are two webpages that have all the info-s. These info are useful to students from Germany too. One of them is and another one is

    They do contain all the info that you are looking for; accommodation, expenses, student jobs and everything you need to know. I would also suggest you to make a checklist before you are going to come and study in Germany. A friend of mine [just like you – he is an international student] came up with a good article about all the advises that you need

    I hope I helped you in any way possible, even if I am new member hope my message will be not marked as Spam because of resources!!!


    Dear Dori,

    Thank you for offering your help to prospective medical students. I have just one question and it is – do I need a voluntary experience from a hospital in order to apply and would that count towards my application at all as here in the UK this is an important factor and all universities expect to see that on the application form. I will be very grateful if you could reply to me.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,



    How is studying in Germany free? What other drawbacks are there? There has to got to be some catch. I have a friend who is having a hard time financially and this might help her get her foot in the door.


    Hi Dory,

    I would love to learn more about the process of applying to medical school in Germany.


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