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    I am changing specialties and I am looking for surgical programs that are women friendly. Would love to here from surgical residents or fellows about programs across the country. Thanks.

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    Sorry, I don’t think there are too many surgical residents here, and the ones I know are too busy to check their personal email let alone visit another website :tired: ! One good resource is Association of Women Surgeons ( which has membership at all levels…med student, resident, etc 😀 . Another place to look is on the American College of Surgeons website ( under medical education, they have a somewhat updated version of the old “So you want to be a surgeon…little red book”. Keeping in mind that is a wholly subjective site and records the opinions of individual people, you could search, you may find some advice there.

    I interviewed 4 years ago (without a child) so my advice may be outdated (things change so much in such a short time!) but it really depends on whether you want to do a general surgery residency with a plastics fellowship (this gives you the most options at the end and would probably be the easiest to match into) or do a general surgery/combined plastic residency. We have a 3 and 3 combined plastics residency here at Baylor and it is extremely competitive to get into-only 4 spots a year and a lot of them also have PhDs. I don’t know so much about the combined programs elsewhere though. General surgery residencies that seemed pretty women friendly when I interviewed were the U of Arizona (Tucson), OSHU (Portland), U of California Davis (Sacramento), and Baylor COM is woman friendly, but the residents are just now starting to have kids so it is yet to be seen how the family friendliness will play out. I know there are others (maybe Univ of Virginia?), but generally the more programs that have a reputation of being more family friendly programs are the community programs, and not only did I not interview at community programs, but you should probably stick to University programs as well if you are interested in plastics as plastics fellowships are pretty competitive right now.

    Good luck! PM me if you need any more advice. I can be very honest, as I am re-matching in EM where I can get my life back!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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