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    I’m the radiologist seeing her job options dwindle because of sex and age. When I trained the old doctors went into academics. Not anymore. Academics and private practice only want the young. Teleradiology fees are going to the toilet with people reading an xray for 3 dollars pay and you have to stay up all night taking pills in order to sleep during the day. The market will improve slightly by the end of 2016 but there will be pay cuts. Which means people won’t hire and there are no jobs. Nonphysicians have moved into the teleradiology market obtaining contracts and shaking down doctors for tele fees.

    I have thought about retraining in family practice although I will be 60 this summer. I want a job where I can work solo for myself. I’ve had too many years working for groups and hospitals all of which exploit and use you and throw you out. I was cheated out of retirement continously. Although I made sure I had the credentials, fellowship training etc, I saw men with no training take my work away simply because they were considered more valuable, i.e. an interventionalist. I used to do IR but you don’t want to do it past middle age, due to risks to health.

    Is is impossible to get into a family practice training program and could I get my own solo practice? What kind of city could I live in? Could I combine radiology into my practice to increase my income? I want to work into my 70s.
    Can I offer alternative medicine as part of my practice cash up front?

    All of you think you will go into alternative careers but finding something that pays money is hard. I don’t have a spouse that I can depend on. Being a consultant for business is nice but not many businesses need consultants. Businesses do not care about your experience. They want an mba, salesman, finance specialist. 30K minimum for an mba degree. I don’t want to do that and I’m old. I’ll run into the same age discrimination I already face. I don’t have hobbies that can make money. I don’t have family money. I don’t want to work for other people. I’ve been exploited all my life and I need to make income for myself. And most people don’t want to hire an older person.

    I looked at reading xray for an internal medicine practice. They had a good payer mix in a smaller city. They were deluged with applicants and I did not get this job. But they depended on imaging and lab for additional income to compensate for low reimbursement rates. Is that possible in family practice? Here in the suburbs of a larger city all the internist specialists were selling their practices to the hospital and selling their CT equipment. Are family practice and internal medicine more viable and lucrative outside of the big cities? Working for hospitals has never been profitable for me,


    Couldn’t hurt to apply 🙂


    To the OP:
    You WILL BE able to switch into FM. It happens all the time Gen Surg-> FM, yep 🙂 Welcome to FM community!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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