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    Should I talk about my daughter during interviews? I am applying for anesthesia. I was not involved with a lot of extracurriculars during the first two years of med school because I had my daughter during first year. I mainly focused on studying and my family and my board scores/class rank reflect this. I want programs to know I am very serious about my job and being the best physician possible, but that I am dedicated to my family. How should I approach this during interviews?? Thanks for your input!!


    I’m curious to hear what eventually happened. Did you end up talking about your daughter? If you did, what was the general reaction?

    I didn’t have much wisdom to add at the time since I’m applying in peds currently, but can share that my kids came up in almost every interview. They were mentioned in my application & I interviewed while 3rd trimester pregnant so it was unsurprising. I suspect I had a very different experience from what others might have in other specialties, but overall, I felt that at least in peds, it was a natural talking point and that I never felt penalized in any way for it (if anything, I felt that people were impressed with my ability to manage raising kids while doing well in med school). Many of the attendings who interviewed me similarly were women with young kids and could completely relate to the work/life balance issues that come along with medical training with a young family. While I’m going to refrain from sharing more here, I’d be happy to discuss my experience with anyone through PM and may choose to post more details about my experience following the match.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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