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    How are the g an o Chems? Any words of wisdom?
    I am taking them in my upcoming semesters, and I got a B in a prepratory Chem semester. I think the professor was a very washed out teacher, and I had an adolescent state of mind.
    However, I am curious to know– what are the average grades in chem for med students?


    I think it depends upon what you are willing to put into it! g-chem. is a doable class (I enjoyed it!) but it does require time. You can’t expect your prof. to just pour the information in….you must spend time doing problems etc. I really can’t tell you the average grades for pre meds but I can say that my class (of 50 students) had around a C+ to B- average. That’s not to say that some of us didn’t do much better. Personally I spent a LOT of time in my prof’s office working out various things that didn’t make sense. In the end I scored in the 100% tile on the ACS national exam. That was not without an tremendous amount of work! I found g-chem to be interesting but not riviting. O-chem on the other hand is a facinating class! It seemed to me that in o-chem people either did really well or quite poorly. Our class was small so most of us left by spring term did quite well. It was not without a LOT of work. O-chem especially requires many practice problems to be able to fully grasp the concepts. I think anyone CAN do well in both these classes if they are willing to put forth the effort….good luck!


    Originally posted by rkphillips:
    what are the average grades in chem for med students?

    In general, med students should have science GPAs around 3.5+ (although you can certainly get in with less). If you have a higher grade to balance it out you can get by with a C in any of the chems, but I personally think it looks better if you have a higher grade in organic.


    I think gen. chem is straight forward in the sense knowing the equations and applying the variables. It does require a lot of practice if you want to get above 90%. I put in a lot of work. Organic chem., on the other hand requires repetition. If you go over reactions over and over it gets easy.I found o.chem very interesting
    What I have realized that for any class to get an A it requires work like doing some homework everyday.Good Luck 🙂


    Let’s put it this way…I thought I was SMART until I took the Chems! 🙂 For whatever reason, they were really tough for me, but I LOVED them. I was the only wife/mommy in my classes, and very nearly the oldest. I finished in the top 5 all seven quarters, but my gpa was only about 3.0 for intro, general, and organic. The majority of my classmates were hanging by their fingernails praying for the 2.0 necessary to move on, and many of them were pretty bright students! My advice is don’t overload yourself, if you can avoid taking math during Gen Chem, do so–unless you really like math, you will find it overwhelming. And as I did, if you aren’t satisfied with your Chem grades, make up for them by acing Bio or Physics. Just keep telling yourself, Chemistry is really fascinating and in a very short time, you will know more about how things work than 99% of the population.

    CaLiGirL :)CaLiGirL:)

    Ummmm…..I liked Organic much better than General. Cuz seemed as if General was much more analytical in sense. I hated doing the millions of titrations in lab cuz I was too impatient to wait for each drop to drip and I seemed to screw things up each time… :rolleyes:

    gChem was much more analytical and had alot of concepts that I wasn’t interested in…it had more of a physical aspect to it…can’t really explain it. I was able to relate to oChem a lot more. It was MUCH more interesting. Being able to visualize the molecules in various different reactions to actually CREATE something out of it 😮 .

    It all comes down to the labs as well. It’s much more interesting to actually synthesize things (and very interesting compounds at that) than to titrate and to be so exact in all you measurements as it was in gCHEM.

    Sorry for the blabbering…good luck when taking your chems…it takes ALOT of practice and alot of work. I’m sure you’ll pull through just fine.


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