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    Shreya SinghShreya Singh

    1. Parents can make baby feed themselves only by six months of their age, experts say this is the best time for a baby to start feeding them on their own.
    2. Initially you can start off with boiled food, then can offer the food, which is appropriate for their age like apples, pears, bananas etc.
    3. Offer them with the variety of foods and vegetables, which helps them to differentiate and identify various fruits and vegetables.
    4. Let your baby decide how they need to take all the fruits and vegetables like if they like puree of apples then apples in puree pouches, if they like banana with mango puree then give that pouch to them.
    5. Give baby some time to explore their options that means allow the baby to spend some time with fruits and vegetables and let them decide and pick which kind of food they want and what kind of food they avoid.
    6. You have to be very patient about what kind of food they like because in this process you should always know that babies choose, what, when, where, how and how quickly they have to eat, initially do not push your baby to eat everything, let them choose.
    7. Make it fun, let it be messy as well for the babies if they will enjoy eating the food themselves it will help them in deciding anything about the food in the future. There are various places where you can find your baby food your baby as per there age like in amazon, first cry, etc.
    This is the personal observation.

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