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    Hi Everyone!!!

    I would just like to thank Sethina for being so awesome for having created this forum for all the female physicians and aspiring physicians out there. Sethina, YOU ROCK!

    Let me start with a short introduction,… I am a 5th year undergraduate engineering student at the Univ. of Michigan,… GO BLUE! I have no desire to be an engineer, but all the desire in the world to be a doctor. I just got my MCAT scores from this april –> 10V, 10PS, 12BS, P writing sample = 32P composite. I was hoping for a bit better on the PS, but I am just RELIEVED that I don’t need to take it over again.

    I don’t have any children, but hope to start a family early,… thus the need for support from all of you 😉


    THANKS!! I am very excited too. Everyone log in and introduce yourselves.

    We’ll all be here soon as I close all our other forums!



    I am a Health and Human Performace major with an emphasis in Wellness Promotion, minor in Chemistry. I am a senior and will be applying next year for medical school. I have two great kids (12 & 9) and a wonderful husband. I am a non-traditional student yet this will be my first degree ever, if accepted on my first try I will be 37 when I start med school. I am looking forward to hearing from all the wonderful ladies on this forum.

    CaLiGirL :)CaLiGirL:)

    I’ve been around for a while and I must say, this new website’s awesome. Just wanted to say hello to everyone and I’m looking forward to the discussions ahead. :p


    Just wanted to say “hi!”. I’m a non-traditional pre-med student (age 28). I’m currently “off” for the summer after my first official semester back to school. I’m a jr at NCSU biological sciences major. I quit school the first time to have my 2 boys.. (now 5 and 2)…I’m hoping to finish undergrad sooner rather than later and get this show on the road!


    Just saying “hi” as well. I don’t think I’ve actually introduced myself (call me shy and extremely stressed at the moment). I just finished my pre-med requirements – am taking the MCAT in Aug. and have to hit “Send” on my med school app tomorrow!!! I am an economics major who quit the hi-tech world last Aug. to go to med school (will be 29 when I start if I get in!) All your stories are so very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


    I have been around for awhile also and I love this new forum!! For those who do not know me I am Kim, a 26 year old premed in North Carolina. I do not have any kids but may have some somewhere down the line. I find this site very helpful and am excited with the new changes!!!


    Hi! I guess I will re-introduce myself on this thread too. I’ve been a member of MomMD for a couple of years now (my old login was PamL31).

    I’m 32 and have a bachelor’s and master’s in Aerospace engineering. I’ve been working in industry for about 8 years but I never was happy being an engineer. I started working on my premed requirements in the summer of 1999, took the MCAT in Spring 2001, and applied last year. I only applied to the three schools in my area (Houston/Galveston).

    I am married and have a son who is 2 years old. He’s going to have a brother in October of this year. 🙂

    I was lucky enough to get accepted to Baylor off the waitlist in May. Unfortunately, I can not start this year because of my pregnancy. So, I deferred a year and will start next year (August 2003). It’s such a relief to have the whole application process behind me and to just be able to enjoy this year without worries (although I will still be working full time).

    You can also find me hanging out on OldPreMeds and SDN.

    Laura JCLaura JC

    Hello everyone.
    I’m happy to be here. 🙂 I’m going to start medical school in August. I’m married, I have two sons, ages 9 and 12. We’re all going through a transition right now. The boys will go to school for the first time this year (they have been homeschooled), we’re moving and I’m trying to get myself together and mentally prepared for what is in front of me. I look forward to posting with other moms in medicine.



    Hi everyone-

    I just came across this. I discoverd SDN a few months ago as well (same userid).

    Anyway, I’m 24 (but turning 25 in less then 2 weeks). Graduated from Barnard College in ’99. Work for a financial firm and am applying to med school for fall 2004. I took the april mcat and am happy with my scores.

    This is going to be great resource for women, I’m excited.




    Hi all, I am a 23 year old freshman (just finished my first semester in the spring)and I wanted to say hi. This is a wonderful resource and it gives me hope that this is doable. Any suggestions for the long road ahead would be extremely welcome

    Tangee FoxTangee Fox

    Hi guys! I just found this site the other day. It is great. My name is Tangee, I’m 25 and have a degree in communications. I’ve worked at a couple of newspapers over the past 4 years, but decided that ultimately, I really did want to be a doctor (I started as a bio major). So, I’m taking all of my cores at the local college here, and planning to take the MCAT in April and apply next summer.

    Hmmm, what else? I’m married and have two amazing children, ages 6 and 1. I’m a bit nervous about my previous grades 🙁 , but so far I have a 4.0 at my new university. Anyone know how to overcome previous grade issues?


    Tangee you seem to be doing fine as far as trying to balance out your old (not so good?) gpa. Just keep getting those A’s and you should be fine, adcom’s do look for trends, so they will see that you are now kicking rear and will hopefully look past your u-grad gpa. Good luck.


    Hi all! I’m thrilled to find this forum. I’m 32, married, have 3 kids (7,5,&5), and I am finishing my prereq’s this academic year. Debating whether to take the Aug. MCAT next summer or wait yet another year to take it April 2004. It seems so far away and I’ve been derailed a number of times, finances, the twins, husband’s job relo. I hate to wait one minute more, but I don’t want to damage my chances with a late application, either.
    Looking for a medstudent mentor if anyone is interested, I posted on the mentor forum, too.

    desert scholardesert scholar

    I am thrilled about finding this forum. I live in a small town in central Oregon, so the internet is my main tool for research and information related to Medical Careers.
    Well the school years over, and I am feeling rather proud. Inspite of my husband being unemployed for 4 months, working 6 days a week and supporting physically and emotionally two teenagers, I ended the term with the “4.0”. As soon as school was out we all went to the coast and celebrated the fact that we made it and grew as a family this year.
    Last fall when I started college full-time, I thought that I would aim for being a high school math teacher. School opened my mind and eyes and I began to reflect on old dreams and the stack of adult lay medical books that I had practically memorized at age 9. Fortunately I have a very supportive husband, that is committed to seeing me through this long odyessey that I have chosen. In one week I turn 37 and because I am waiting for my son to graduate from high school I may be 41 by the time I enter Med school. In the mean time I’m having fun figuring out double majors and possibly a masters to pass the time.
    Not bad for a small town girl, who did the GED bit and married young.

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