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    has anybody got some good pearls of wisdoms for new surgical residents?

    I’ve just started back at work and will listen to anything/everything you girls can offer me with respect to surviving the hours, missing my baby, breastpumping at work, putting up with temperamental bosses ie. tiptoeing around them, getting hubby to cope better at home, how much freedom you give a nanny who has just started, keeping energy levels up etc…….

    I realise that each thing i’ve mentioned above could be a post on its own… :boggled:

    If any of you have been there and can offer some pearls of wisdom or are doing it now – I’d love to hear from you!

    :yes: :yes: :yes:

    EM momEM mom

    I’m not sure how much wisdom I have (seems to be less and less as the years go by…) but I PM’d you. Hope it helps. Hang in there!


    Im heading back from maternity leave soon to my intern year. Im soo dreading it and worried about it. So I dont have any tips for you but im taking ’em too. Im focusing on trying to make sure i feel good about his care while im away (hopefully daddy) so i can be less worried. Its nice that you have a nanny.

    Pumping is going to be challenge. Are you going to try to keep up full time breastfeeding? I hope i can but im sure it will be tough.

    Hope it goes alright for you!



    thanks momsurg – got your email – truly appreciate your time.
    Ann, yes i am hoping to feed as long as i can ie. around 8-10 mths as a goal. and yes, pumping at work is the most difficult thing as in a very busy unit with admissions to icu post-op happening quite often i cannot just go and pump when my breasts tell me i need to!
    And when they’re full it is sooooo hard to concentrate on whatever i’m doing.
    But, i’m hoping that what i’m going through now is a bit of an ‘adjustment’ phase or some such thing….
    The nurses i’m working with have in the majority been extremely supportive. However, 2 older male bosses who i wouldn’t dream of mentioning any of this 2 as they really are not very approachable at all. Unfortunately – they appear quite ‘over it’ and intolerant to junior staff starting out. ie. i will not be receiving any handouts and i do not enjoy our ward rounds where i’m being showed up in front of others – mostly the nurses – it floored me at first but believe it or not i am getting used to it. My skin is thickening up each shift I head in there!!!
    I hope your return to work is successful. The nanny has been a life saver as my husbands business doesn’t allow him the time to be a carer for baby as such.


    Went back to Ob/Gyn residency (PGY3) 4wks postpartum this past October–does that count? Pumping at work has been largely feasible–but if that exsanguinating previa (I guess, replace that with “trauma” for the surgery types} rolls into the ER, there’s no chance to pump for hours and you will be uncomfortable and leak rivers through your scrub top and your husband will be upset about the paltry amount of milk you come home with. I cried the first time Harry had to get a bottle of formula, but I’ve since dealt with supplementation as a way of life (he’s on about 50/50 breastmilk/formula now). At least he gets a lot of the benefits of breastfeeding (and I was still able to breastfeed exclusively for the last two weeks while I was on vacation (yay!). Just don’t be too hard on yourself–that’s probably the easiest way to sink into depression. Your baby will be OK, even if formula has to be. Hope this helps


    thanks – it all helps. even though you’re on the other side of the world we’re going through very similar things right now – if only we had these resources here at home. I have been searching for someone local in a similar situation to bond with (and hopefully survive with)……am yet to find anybody else taking the road less travelled right now.
    i hope you, baby and hubby are all doing well!


    Wow, y’all. Hats off to each of you. I haven’t had kids yet, but am BURSTING at the seams for the time. Getting ready for a wedding right now is making it more of a reality of “family coming soon” so, I really feel for you guys and think that y’all are just super great for sticking it out. I THINK we are going to start trying at the beginning of my chief year (which should be July 2005), I just don’t think I could deal with the hormone stress along with the “good ole boys” stress!
    Best wishes to y’all



    I’m just going to be going back to 4th year of surg residency after a 1 year research stint. It’s probably one of the scariest things I’m facing…how are things with you since you have been back?

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