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    Hello Everyone.
    I have been thinking about going to medical school but the problem is my husband is tired of relocating and doesn’t want to relocate at all which I can understand since he is alot older than i. There are 2 medical schools in my area. One is a MD and the other DO school. I prefer to go to a MD school. But what are my chances of getting into the one school I applied for? I heard on average most medical students apply to at least 8 schools. I’m not to sure if that is true or not correct me if that might be wrong. But since my husband has no intentions on relocating i just cant pick up and leave to any state and to just any med school that will take me. has anyone just applied to one med school and got in? :confused:



    I’m in the same boat as you although not currently due to husband issues.

    Because of my own desire NOT to relocate (I have a daughter and plan to remarry within the next few years), I’m limited to the 6 schools in the metro DC area, yet I only plan to apply to 4 of them. I’m not too pressed about “limiting” myself in this way perhaps because I’ve already started my doctoral courses/research (I’m pre MD/PhD). However, in the end I think you do what you have to do and things always work out. Just make sure you network with the schools in your area often, have good grades and solid MCATs. You’re probably in better shape than you think you are. Good Luck!!!


    Hi, I was in a very similar situation to you last year when I applied to medical school. We have a house, a young child and family in the city that we live in and we did not want to relocate, at least not right away. My plan was to apply to the two med schools in my city and then if I did not get in to reevaluate the situation and reapply to a wider group of schools. I did manage to get into one of the two schools and it has been wonderful to not have a huge relocation and adjustment-to-life-without family along with the normal stresses of med school.
    One thing I would recommend that I think really helped for me was that I met with the admissions directors of the schools (just called and asked for an appointment) and talked with them about what makes a good candidate for their school etc. I also volunteered at both school’s hospitals and geered my application essay etc. towards the school’s missions/focus. Hope that helps!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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